Festo Corporation Datasheets for Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors use emitters and receivers to detect the presence, absence, or distance of target objects.
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Product Name Notes
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RT-M12-NS-K-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RT-M12-NS-S-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RT-M12-PS-K-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RT-M12-PS-S-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RT-M18-NA-K-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RT-M18-NA-S-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RT-M18-PA-K-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RT-M18-PA-S-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RT-M18W-NS-K-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RT-M18W-NS-S-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RT-M18W-PS-K-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RT-M18W-PS-S-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RTH-M18-NS-K-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RTH-M18-NS-S-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RTH-M18-PS-K-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RTH-M18-PS-S-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RTH-M18W-NS-K-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RTH-M18W-NS-S-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RTH-M18W-PS-K-2L
Diffuse scan -- SOEG-RTH-M18W-PS-S-2L
Receiver -- SOEG-E-M18-NA-K-2L
Receiver -- SOEG-E-M18-NA-S-2L
Receiver -- SOEG-E-M18-PA-K-2L
Receiver -- SOEG-E-M18-PA-S-2L
Receiver -- SOEG-E-M18W-NA-K-2L
Receiver -- SOEG-E-M18W-NA-S-2L
Receiver -- SOEG-E-M18W-PA-K-2L
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOEG-RSP-M12-NS-K-2L
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOEG-RSP-M12-NS-S-2L
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOEG-RSP-M12-PS-K-2L
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOEG-RSP-M12-PS-S-2L
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOEG-RSP-M18-NS-K-2L
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOEG-RSP-M18-NS-S-2L
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOEG-RSP-M18-PS-K-2L
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOEG-RSP-M18-PS-S-2L
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOEG-RSP-M18W-NS-K-2L
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOEG-RSP-M18W-NS-S-2L
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOEG-RSP-M18W-PS-K-2L
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOEG-RSP-M18W-PS-S-2L
Transmitter -- SOEG-S-M18-K-L
Transmitter -- SOEG-S-M18-S-L
Transmitter -- SOEG-S-M18W-K-L
Transmitter -- SOEG-S-M18W-S-L
Round or block design Electrical connection via open cable end or plug
Diffuse scan -- SOOD-BS-L-PN-30
Diffuse scan -- SOOD-BS-L-PN-50
Diffuse scan -- SOOD-BS-L-PN-80
Diffuse scan -- SOOD-BS-R-PN-30
Diffuse scan -- SOOD-BS-R-PN-50
Diffuse scan -- SOOD-BS-R-PN-80
Diffuse scan -- SOOE-BS-L-PNLK-T
Diffuse scan -- SOOE-BS-R-PNLK-T
Diffuse scan -- SOOE-DS-R-PNLK-T
Diffuse scan -- SOOE-KS-L-PNLK-T
Light barrier -- SOOD-TB-L-PN
Light barrier -- SOOD-TB-R-PN
Light barrier -- SOOE-TB-L-PNLK-T
Light barrier -- SOOE-TB-R-PNLK-T
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOOD-RS-L-PN
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOOD-RS-R-PN
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOOE-RG-R-PNLK-T
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOOE-RS-L-PNLK-T
Retro-reflective sensor -- SOOE-RS-R-PNLK-T
Simple operation Fast commissioning Reliable and stable detection Attractive price/performance ratio
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-M-FL-SM-C120-N
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-M-FL-SM-C120-P
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-M-FL-SM-C30-N
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-M-FL-SM-C30-P
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-M-FL-SM-C50-N
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-M-FL-SM-C50-P
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-M-FL-SM-C80-N
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-M-FL-SM-C80-P
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-P-FL-ST-C120-N
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-P-FL-ST-C120-P
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-P-FL-ST-C30-N
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-P-FL-ST-C30-P
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-P-FL-ST-C50-N
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-P-FL-ST-C50-P
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-P-FL-ST-C80-N
Fork light barrier -- SOOF-P-FL-ST-C80-P
Through-beam sensor with minimal installation effort Design: polymer or metal Sturdy housing: high shock and vibration resistance Protection: IP67 Electrical connection via M8x1 plug connector, 3-pin LED indicators
Fiber-optic unit -- SOE4-FO-D-HF2-1N-M8
Fiber-optic unit -- SOE4-FO-D-HF2-1NU-K
Fiber-optic unit -- SOE4-FO-D-HF2-1P-M8
Fiber-optic unit -- SOE4-FO-D-HF2-1PU-K
Fiber-optic unit -- SOE4-FO-L-HF2-1N-K
Fiber-optic unit -- SOE4-FO-L-HF2-1N-M8
Fiber-optic unit -- SOE4-FO-L-HF2-1P-K
Fiber-optic unit -- SOE4-FO-L-HF2-1P-M8
Use for precise and space-saving position sensing in electronics and light assembly Switching frequencies of up to 8000 Hz Operational with fiber optic cable SOOC as accessory Variants: LED or...