Festo Corporation Datasheets for Nozzles

Nozzles alter and control the stream or spray pattern of a fluid in a spray coating or dispensing system.
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Product Name Notes
Air gun nozzle -- ADNA-PDAD-09 air nozzle ADNA-PDAD-09 For PDAD dryer. Material housing=Brass
Air gun nozzle -- ADNA-PDAD-100 air nozzle ADNA-PDAD-100 For PDAD dryer.
Air gun nozzle -- ADNA-PDAD-13 air nozzle ADNA-PDAD-13 For PDAD dryer.
Air gun nozzle -- ADNA-PDAD-22 air nozzle ADNA-PDAD-22 For PDAD dryer.
Air gun nozzle -- ADNA-PDAD-51 air nozzle ADNA-PDAD-51 For PDAD dryer.
Air gun nozzle -- ADNA-PDAD-73 air nozzle ADNA-PDAD-73 For PDAD dryer.
Receiver nozzle -- SFL-100-F
Sender nozzle -- SFL-100-S
Sender nozzle -- SML-40-S
Sender nozzle, receiver nozzle, gap sensor Back pressure actuated valve Operational reliability even in very dirty environments Reliable even at high ambient temperatures Insensitive to mechanical influences and sound waves...
Air gun nozzle -- LPZ-LD
Air gun nozzle -- LPZ-RB-150-B
Air gun nozzle -- LPZ-RG-150-B
Air gun nozzle -- LPZ-SD
With protective air shield or muffler Targeted, strong air jet or powerful, focused air jet Low noise level Operating medium: compressed air