Festo Corporation Datasheets for Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are collections of wires or cables banded into a single unit with connectors on at least one end.
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Product Name Notes
adapter NEFC-M12G5-0.3-U1G5 Mounting type=Threaded, Electrical connection=(* Plug, * M12x1, * 5-pin), Cable length=0,3 m, Cable structure=4x0,34, Protection class=IP20
Connection between linear potentiometer MME and measuring module CPX-CMIX
Degree of protection to IP40, IP65, IP67, IP69K, in assembled state
Degree of protection to IP65, IP68, IP69K, in assembled state
Designs for static, standard, energy chain, and robot applications Versions with switching status indication Designs for connecting sensors and actuators
For AS-Interface® For any slaves such as individual valve interface, valve manifold with AS-Interface® connection Reverse polarity protected
For connecting inputs and outputs Type of mounting: union nut, threaded connector
For fieldbus connection (for valve manifold CPV and installation system CPI) Pre-assembled at both ends Suitable for energy-chains
For I/O interface For connecting motor controller CMMS-ST to any control system
For motor controller CMMS-ST, etc. The null modem cable ZK11 is intended exclusively as a programming cable for direct connection to a PC
For pneumatic valves MHJ9 With plug sockets KMH With control electronics for two pneumatic valves
For pneumatic valves with D solenoid coil For pneumatic valves with N1 solenoid coil With polyvinyl chloride cable Mounting via central screw Ambient temperature -20 ... +80 °C
For pneumatic valves with ZB solenoid coil For pneumatic valves with ZC solenoid coil Mounting via central screw
For servo motors EMME-AS, EMMT-AS, EMMS-AS and stepper motor EMMS-ST For motor controllers CMMS-ST, CMMO-ST, CMMP-AS Suitable for energy-chains
Plug socket with cable for connecting relay plates (valve manifold CPV10 and CPV14) Pre-assembled Mounting via self-tapping central screw
Plug socket with cable for diagnostic interface (to CPX terminal) Pre-assembled at both ends 5-pin/4-wire Round plug Mounting via union nut M12
Plug socket with cable for multi-pin plug connection Pre-assembled Mounting via union nut, with 2 screws
Plug socket with cable, shielded, for proportional directional control valves MPYE
Pre-assembled at both ends
Suitable for use as Ethernet diagnostic cable, for integration in a CPI system, for I/O extension, and for compact vision systems SBOC-Q, SBOI-Q

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