Festo Corporation Datasheets for Machining Clamps

Machining clamps are used for machine setup and tool or part fixturing. Types include cam, cylinder, hook or swing, pull, push, retracting, rocker, side or edge, and toe clamps. Clamp straps and clamp strap assemblies are also commonly available.
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Product Name Notes
Clamping component -- DADL-EC-Q11-16
Clamping component -- DADL-EC-Q11-20/25
Clamping component -- DADL-EC-Q11-32
Clamping component -- DADL-EC-Q11-35/40
Clamping component -- DADL-EC-Q11-50
Clamping component -- DADL-EC-Q11-63
Clamping unit -- DADL-EL-Q11-16
Clamping unit -- DADL-EL-Q11-20
Clamping unit -- DADL-EL-Q11-25
Clamping unit -- DADL-EL-Q11-32
Clamping unit -- DADL-EL-Q11-35/40
Clamping unit -- DADL-EL-Q11-50
Clamping unit -- DADL-EL-Q11-63
Clamping unit DADL-EL: for quarter turn actuator DRRD, for mechanical locking in the end positions to prevent unwanted movement in unpressurized condition Clamping component DADL-EC: for quarter turn actuator DRRD,...
Clamping module -- EV-10/30-3
Clamping module -- EV-12-3
Clamping module -- EV-15/40-4
Clamping module -- EV-15/63-4
Clamping module -- EV-16-4
Clamping module -- EV-20-4
Clamping module -- EV-20/120-5
Clamping module -- EV-20/180-5
Clamping module -- EV-20/75-5
Clamping module -- EV-25-4
Clamping module -- EV-32-5
Clamping module -- EV-40-5
Clamping module -- EV-50-5
Clamping module -- EV-63-5
Compact rodless cylinder with diaphragm Single-acting, with reset function Flat design Hermetically sealed Pressure plates and foot mounting as accessories
Clamping cartridge -- KP-10-350
Clamping cartridge -- KP-12-600
Clamping cartridge -- KP-16-1000
Clamping cartridge -- KP-20-1400
Clamping cartridge -- KP-20-2000
Clamping cartridge -- KP-25-5000
Clamping cartridge -- KP-32-7500
Clamping cartridge -- KP-4-80
Clamping cartridge -- KP-6-180
Clamping cartridge -- KP-8-350
For in-house assembly of clamping units Not certified for use in safety-related control systems
Clamping unit -- KEC-16
Clamping unit -- KEC-16-S
Clamping unit -- KEC-20
Clamping unit -- KEC-20-S
Clamping unit -- KEC-25
Clamping unit -- KEC-25-S
Clamping unit -- KPE-10
Clamping unit -- KPE-12
Clamping unit -- KPE-16
Clamping unit -- KPE-20
Clamping unit -- KPE-25
Clamping unit -- KPE-32
Clamping unit -- KPE-4
Clamping unit -- KPE-6
Clamping unit -- KPE-8
KPE: ready-to-install combination of clamping cartridge KP and housing KEC: for use as a holding device (static application) KEC-S: for safety-related applications