Festo Corporation Datasheets for Rotary Position Sensors

Rotary position sensors include potentiometers, resolvers and a variety of magnetic and capacitive technologies. Sensors are designed for angular displacement less than one turn or for multiturn displacement.
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Product Name Notes
Sensor box -- SRAP-M-CA1-270-1-A-T2P20
Sensor box -- SRAP-M-CA1-270-1-A-T2P20-EX2
Sensor box -- SRAP-M-CA1-BB270-1-A-TP20
Sensor box -- SRAP-M-CA1-BB270-1-A-TP20-EX2
Sensor box -- SRAP-M-CA1-GR270-1-A-T2P20
Sensor box -- SRAP-M-CA1-GR270-1-A-T2P20-EX2
Sensor box -- SRAP-M-CA1-GR270-1-A-TM20
Sensor box -- SRAP-M-CA1-GR270-1-A-TP20
Sensor box -- SRAP-M-CA1-GR270-1-A-TP20-EX2
Sensor box -- SRAP-M-CA1-YB270-1-A-TM20
Sensor box -- SRAP-M-CA1-YB270-1-A-TP20
Sensor box -- SRAP-M-CA1-YB270-1-A-TP20-EX2
Based on standard VDI/VDE 3845 (NAMUR) Analog For monitoring the position of quarter turn actuators Sensors based on 2D Hall technology
Sensor box -- SRBG-C1-N-1-AS-M12-M12
Sensor box -- SRBG-C1-N-1-P-C2-C2
Sensor box -- SRBG-C1-N-1-P-M12
Sensor box -- SRBG-C1-N-1-ZU-C2-C2
Sensor box -- SRBG-C1-N-1-ZU-M12
Sensor box -- SRBG-C1-N-20N-ZC-C2-C2-EX5
Sensor box -- SRBG-C1-N-20N-ZC-M12-EX5
Compact housing with M12 plug connection Direct mounting on quarter turn actuators to VDI/VDE 3845 AS-Interface® version with extended addressing options Intrinsically safe version to ATEX and SIL 2 to...
Sensor box -- SRBC-CA3-YR90-MW-22A-1W-C2P20
Sensor box -- SRBC-CA3-YR90-N-1-N-C2P20
Sensor box -- SRBC-CA3-YR90-N-1-P-C2P20
Sensor box -- SRBC-CA3-YR90-N-1-ZU-C2P20
Sensor box -- SRBC-CA3-YR90-N-20N-ZC-C2P20
Sensor box -- SRBC-CA3-YR90-N-20N-ZC-C2P20-EX6
Sensor box -- SRBC-CA3-YR90-R-2A-1W-C2P20
Pre-assembled mounting adapter for ease of installation Trip cams can be set easily without additional tools Sturdy, corrosion-resistant design, ideal for use in harsh operating conditions Clearly visible 3D position...
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-MW-22A-1W-C2M20-EX
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-MW-22A-1W-C2N12-C1
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-MW-22A-1W-C2N12-EX
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-MW-22A-2W-C2M20-EX
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-MW-22A-2W-C2N12-C1
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-MW-22A-2W-C2N12-EX
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-N-1-N-C2M20-EX
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-N-1-N-C2N12-C1
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-N-1-N-C2N12-EX
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-N-1-P-C2M20-EX
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-N-1-P-C2N12-C1
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-N-1-P-C2N12-EX
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-N-1-ZU-C2M20-EX
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-N-1-ZU-C2N12-C1
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-N-1-ZU-C2N12-EX
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-N-20N-ZC-C2M20-EX
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-N-20N-ZC-C2N12-C1
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-N-20N-ZC-C2N12-EX
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-R-2A-1W-C2M20-EX
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-R-2A-1W-C2N12-C1
Sensor box -- SRBE-CA3-YR90-R-2A-1W-C2N12-EX
Trip cams can be set easily without additional tools Sturdy, corrosion-resistant design, ideal for use in harsh operating conditions Clearly visible 3D position indicator allows rapid detection of the current...