DME Company Datasheets for Guide Bushings and Drill Bushings

Drill bushings are used to guide drills and other tools.
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Product Name Notes
Centering Bushings and Dowels - R05, R09, DP, and WZ7005
D-M-E offers a wide range of Steel Sprue Bushings as well as an array of Performance Sprue Bushings that are interchangeable with D-M-E "B' Series and "U" Series Sprue Bushings.
DME Straight-Shot and High-Performance Straight Shot Hot Sprue Bushings are designed to reduce cycle times and save material costs. The DME Straight-Shot Hot Sprue Bushing is available in S-Series, and...
Guide Pin Bushing (with Collar)
Holder Bushing – HB Material: S 50 C / DIN 1.1213 / AISI 1050 Hardness: HRc 13-22
Ideal for direct part gating, single-cavity molds. Available in Mini, Medium and Jumbo sizes with a variety of injection machine nozzle tip interface spherical radius sizes. Please see DME Catalog...
Locating Ring
MUD Quick-Change Components. Guide Bushings
MUD Quick-Change Components. Sprue Bushings
MUD Quick-Change Components. Straight Bushings
Shoulder Bushing
Sprue Bushings - DHR
Sprue Bushings -B Series
Sprue Bushings -U Series
The DME High-Performance Straight-Shot is available in both S-Type (standard tip configuration) and E-Type (extended tip configuration). Both types are available in .062" and .125" diameter tips. The S-Type is...
The Mini Gate-Mate Bushings are ideal for fast cycling single cavity molds. The compact design permits shorter overall stack-up of the “A” side mold plates. The Mini Gate-Mate Bushings are...
Three-plate extension bushings can save material, reduce cycle time and help prevent runner hang-ups in 3-plate molds. Designed for use with T-Series 3-Plate Mold Bases, 3-Plate Extension Bushings reduce sprue...