DME Company Datasheets for Locating and Fixturing Pins

Locating and fixturing pins are press-fit, removable hardware devices designed to align or affix two work pieces to very small tolerances. When translation mechanisms are not stable or precise enough to place objects in position for a particular process, locating and fixturing pins can ensure an accurate alignment.
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Product Name Notes
D-M-E Angle Pins are supplied with a pre-machined spherical radius on the head to eliminate the need for angle grinding usually required on the pin head. The spherical radius on...
D-M-E Metric Angle Pins, constructed of DIN 1.7131 (AISI 5115 type) steel, can be used as angle (cam) pins or as straight leader pins.
Three sizes with retaining ratings for 10, 20 and 40 lbs. Small in size yet strong holding capacity Product design facilitates easy installation Slide can be removed without removing the...