DME Company Datasheets for Reamers

Reamers are rotary tools used for light material removal to deburr and size the inside diameter of holes.
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Product Name Notes
Hand Reamer For Finishing -- SR-H Series
Machine Reamer For Roughing -- SR-Series
Sprue Bushing Reamers High Speed Steel, Right Hand Cut, Left Hand Spiral For optimum results, ?rst step drill hole slightly under reamer size. Then use machine reamer followed by hand...
Machine Reamers For Cartridge Heater Holes -- LRS-Series
Machine Reamers For Ejector Pin Holes -- R-Series
D-M-E Machine Reamers are made of top quality High Speed Steel and are especially effective for use in materials which are ordinarily dif?cult to ream. The right-hand spiral and right-hand...