DME Company Datasheets for Metal Tubes

Metal tube ( tubing) is made of metallic elements or alloys and is designed for specific industrial applications. Compared to other types of tubing, metal tube is stronger and most robust, making it better suited for structural applications and high-pressure fluid flow.
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Product Name Notes
Brass Bubbler Tube -- BT105
Brass Bubbler Tube -- BT210
Brass Bubbler Tube -- BT340
Brass Bubbler Tube -- BT450
Brass Bubbler Tube -- BT570
Steel Tube -- BTS100
Steel Tube -- BTS105
Steel Tube -- BTS210
Steel Tube -- BTS340
Steel Tube -- BTS450
Steel Tube -- BTS570
Bubbler Tubes, Diverting Plugs and Rods D-M-E Bubbler Tubes are used for cooling cores in molds or dies. They are supplied threaded at both ends, thus permitting two threaded tubes...
Brass Tube for Coolant Bridge -- JBT Series Jiffy-Tite and Jiffy-Matic Coolant Bridges Provides more compact port-to-port connections than conventional hose methods Coolant Bridge socket adapters allow quick connection to Jiffy-Tite (flow thru) or Jiffy-Matic (one- or two-way...