DME Company Datasheets for Fuses

Fuses protect electrical devices and components from overcurrents and short circuits that occur in improperly operating circuits.
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Product Name Notes
2 Integrity Mainframe Fan & Aux Power Fuses, 400mA time delay 250 VAC 5 x 20 mm style fuse
13X10 = Old Style Module Fuse 10 Amp 13X15 = Old Style Module Fuse 15 Amp
ABC1 = 1 Amp 250Vac Fuse ABC3 = 3 Amp 250Vac Fuses - Note: These Lower Power Fuses are recommended for Nozzles. ABC5 = 5 Amp 250Vac Fuses - Note:...
RPM0086 = DSS Transformer Fuse - 315MA TIME LAG FUSE USED ON DSS-15-02, DSS-15-01, DSS-30-02 MODULES, SERIAL NUMBERS 017806 THRU 025112 RPM0089 = DSS Transformer Fuse - 200MA TIME LAG...