DME Company Datasheets for Polishing and Buffing Machines

Polishers and buffing machines are used to impart a fine (low Ra) surface finish on the exterior of a part. To improve surface finish, they use use abrasive grain slurries or compounds on buffs, bobs, cloth naps, laps, very fine grit nonwovens, and coated abrasives.
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Product Name Notes
Compact and lightweight for precise operation Reduced vibration for greater accuracy Variable stroke and speed control
The D-M-E Ultraform® Ultrasonic Finishing and Polishing Systems are designed to replace costly, time-consuming hand finishing operations. They excel at rapid deburring, filing, stoning, polishing and lapping on a variety...
The new slim line rotary handpieces are perfectly balanced for ease of handling in even the most difficult jobs. The NMS-0002 provides high torque for heavy duty applications, while the...