DME Company Datasheets for Band Heaters

Band heaters are ring-shaped heaters that clamp onto a cylindrical object and heat via conductive heat transfer.
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Product Name Notes
• Low Cost, Quality Bands • 12" Stainless Steel Leads
Design Features • Energy efficient, less power consumption • High sheath temperature capability up to 1600°F • Thermally insulated • Uniform temperature • Flexible, easy to install and remove
Designed for modern high-temperature molding operations. Two fiberglass-insulated lead wires exit in a single metal braid for good abrasion protection, lead flexibility and wiring convenience. Leads are 2" longer than...
Heavy Duty Nozzle Bands with Flange Lock-up Far superior to low cost alternatives -These bands provide the most economical option in the long term. • Premium Quality Natural Mica Insulation.
Time tested materials & manufacturing techniques make this heater a proven, economical, reliable performer. In applications where a flat surface requires uniform heating, the strip heater has no equal. •
Where Heater Band Clearance is a problem!- Ideal for recessed sprues. APPLICATIONS: Use where recessed sprue bushings and similar obstructions create limited space for nozzle heater band. These bands...
High Quality Sheet Mica Construction. Uniform Heat, High Watt Density. 10" High Temperature Leads With Protective Sleeves Are Standard.
Higher Watt Densities Fast Delivery! Exactly what you need! Even Heat Distribution The Lowest Priced Custom Bands you can buy!