DME Company Datasheets for Linear Limit Switches

Linear limit switches are electromechanical devices that require physical contact between a target object and switch activator to make the contacts change state.
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Product Name Notes
Versaswitch™ -- Model V222 Limit Switch • Fits behind core • Simply screw into mounting hole • Very economical to install • One million cycle mechanical life • Adjustable operating point • Electrical capacity at 240V,...
Global Thinswitch -- TSW2222
High Temp Thinswitch -- HT291
High Temp Thinswitch -- HT291LR
Liquid Resistant Thinswitch -- T222LR
Thinswitch Limit Switch -- TSW2220
The Thinswitch Limit Switch is specially designed to verify ejector plate return before permitting the mold to close in injection molding machines. Thin enough to fit inside the ejector housing,...