DME Company Datasheets for Wire Brushes

Wire brushes are tools primarily used for abrasive purposes, such as cleaning rust and removing paint.
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Product Name Notes
Brass Tube Brushes -- BTB Series • Condenser tubes • Cartridge heater holes • Ejector pin holes • Mold cavity holes
Barrel Cleaning Brushes -- BCB Series • Double spiral carbon steel • Brush length: 41⁄2" • Overall length: 8" • 1⁄4" NPT nipple
Copper Center Brass Brushes -- CCB Series Copper Center Brass Brushes
Brass Hand Brushes -- HB400 Series
Brass Solid End Brushes -- SEB Series
For light cleaning and polishing - For Metal Finishing, Plating and General Industrial Applications. Carved wood handles.
Nylon Tube Brushes -- NTB Series Nylon Tube Brushes
Thread Cleaning Brushes -- TCB Series
Thread Cleaning Brushes -- TCS Series
The perfect brushes for cleaning and polishing threads, inner walls of tubes and cylinders. Solid concentration of bristles provides a high degree of bristle stiffness with little flexing of bristles...
Barrel Brushes Power Driven- Single Spiral Power Driven- Double Spiral