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DME Company Datasheets for Wire Brushes

Wire brushes are tools primarily used for abrasive purposes, such as cleaning rust and removing paint.
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Product Name Notes
• Condenser tubes • Cartridge heater holes • Ejector pin holes • Mold cavity holes
• Double spiral carbon steel • Brush length: 41⁄2" • Overall length: 8" • 1⁄4" NPT nipple
Copper Center Brass Brushes
For light cleaning and polishing - For Metal Finishing, Plating and General Industrial Applications. Carved wood handles.
Nylon Tube Brushes
The perfect brushes for cleaning and polishing threads, inner walls of tubes and cylinders. Solid concentration of bristles provides a high degree of bristle stiffness with little flexing of bristles...
Power Driven- Single Spiral Power Driven- Double Spiral