Princess Auto Limited Datasheets for Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are collections of wires or cables banded into a single unit with connectors on at least one end.
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Product Name Notes
1' RG6 Push On Coaxial Cable
10 ft HDMI Cable
100 ft Cable
12 ft Composite Cable
12 ft Optical Audio Cable
12 ft Stereo Audio Cable
12 ft Ultra Thin Coaxial Cable
12' Piranha Component Cable
12' S-Video Extension Cable
2 ft Thin Phone Cable
2 Metre Rocelco HDMI Cable
25 ft RCA Video Cable
25 ft White RG6 Coax Cable
25' Coaxial Cable
3 ft Audio/Video Component Cable
3 ft HDMI Cable
3 Meter HDMI Cable
3' Component Cable
3' S-Video Extension Cables
3' Video Composite Cable
3.3 ft Audio Cable
3.5M - 3.5F Cable
33 ft HDMI Cable
35' S-Video Cable
3F Video/Audio Cable Component
4 ft Digital Coax Audio Cable
4 ft video cable component
4' Audio Stereo Cables
4' Network Cat-5e Cable
4.5 Meter HDMI Cable
4FT Video Component Cable
50 ft Coaxial Cable
50 ft Video Cable
50" S-Video Extension Cable
6 ft Audio Cable
6 ft Audio Extention Cable
6 ft Camcorder Cable W/S-Video
6 ft Coax Cable
6 ft Composite Cable
6 ft Fibre Optical Audio Cable
6 ft HDMI / Ethernet Cable
6 ft HDMI Cable
6 ft HDMI Camcorder Cable
6 ft Mini Camcorder HDMI Cable
6 ft Printer Cable
6 ft S-Video Cable
6 ft S-Video/Audio Cable
6 ft Video and Audio Cables
6 ft Video/Audio Cable Component
6' Audio S-Video Cable
6' AV Composite Cable
6' HDMI Cable 1.3B
6' Video Composite Cable
6.5 ft Audio/S-Video Cable
6.5 ft Coaxial Cable
7 ft HDMI Cable
75 FT RCA Video Cable
75 FT VGA Cable
7FT 2.0 Mini USB Cable
8 ft Stereo Audio Cable
9 ft Component Video Cable
9.9 ft Audio Cable
Audio Cable
Audio Cables 4'
Audio Car Cables Monster
Audio Transfer Cable
Cable RCA 35 ft
Car Audio Subwoofer Cable
Cat 5e Patch Cable
Cat 6 Network Cable
Cat Cable 75'
Cat3 Phone Cable
Cat5e Patch Cable
Coax Cable 25' RG6
Coaxial Cable 3' RG6
Coaxial Cable 50' RG6 White
Coaxial Cable
Component Cable 16'
Fiber Optic Cable 3'
HDMI Cable 15M/49.5' Rocelco
HDMI Cables 4M/13.2' Rocelco
HDMI Cables 5M/16.5' Rocelco
HDMI Cables 6' w/Swivel Ends
In Wall Speaker Cable
M-F Audio Cable
Optical Audio Cable
RCA Cables 3' 5PK
RCA Cables 50'
RCA Cables 75'
RCA Y-Adapter Cable
RG6 Dual Coax Cable
Rocelco 3 Metre HDMI Cable
Rocketfish 4 Ft HDMI Cable
Speaker Cable
Stereo Audio Cable
USB Extention Cable 6'
VGA Cable 100'
VGA Cable 35'
VGA Cable 50'
Video Cable 35'
Video Cable Component 12'
Video Cable Component 6'
Video Cable RCA 100'
Video Cable S 100'
Video Cable S 12'
Video Cable S 6'