Transcat, Inc. Datasheets for Thermistor Temperature Probes

Thermistor temperature probes sense temperature by using thermistors, devices made of semiconductor materials which exhibit a large change in resistance for a small change in temperature.
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Product Name Notes
Thermistor Probe, 1/8" x 9", Stainless, Bare Wire -- 5610-9-B Product Highlights Resistance: Nominal 10,000 Ohm's at 25°C Range: 0°C to 100°C Calibration: R vs T table with 0.1°C increments, interpolation equation furnished Accuracy: Table and equation are accurate to...
Thermistor Probe, .12" x 1.1", -- 5611A-11-D
Thermistor Probe, 1/8" x 6", Stainless Steel for 1523/1524 -- 5610-6-P
Thermistor Probe, 1/8" x 9", Stainless Steel for 1523/1524 -- 5610-9-P
Thermistor Probe,0.125"x6", 0C - 100C, Spade lugs -- 5610-6-S
Product Highlights Short-term accuracy to ± 0.01 °C; one-year drift < ± 0.01 °C Accredited NVLAP calibration optional Flexible Teflon and silicone coated fast-response models Rugged polished stainless steel sheaths...