Edmund Optics Inc. Datasheets for Ball Lenses

Ball lenses are used to provide short focal lengths for use with collimated light and are often used in fiber coupling applications.
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Product Name Notes
Ruby Half-Ball Lens 0.5mm Diameter -- NT49-557
Ruby Half-Ball Lens 1.0mm Diameter -- NT49-558
Ruby Half-Ball Lens 2.0mm Diameter -- NT49-559
Ruby Half-Ball Lens 2.5mm Diameter -- NT49-560
Ruby Half-Ball Lens 3.18mm Diameter -- NT49-561
Ruby Half-Ball Lens 4.0mm Diameter -- NT49-562
Ruby Half-Ball Lens 4.76mm Diameter -- NT49-563
Ruby Half-Ball Lens 5.0mm Diameter -- NT49-564
Ruby Half-Ball Lens 6.0mm Diameter -- NT49-565
Ruby Half-Ball Lens 6.35mm Diameter -- NT49-566
Sapphire Half Ball Lens 0.4mm Diameter -- NT63-754
Sapphire Half-Ball Lens 0.5mm Diameter -- NT49-553
Sapphire Half-Ball Lens 1.0mm Diameter -- NT48-428
Sapphire Half-Ball Lens 2.0mm Diameter -- NT48-429
Sapphire Half-Ball Lens 2.5mm Diameter -- NT49-554
Sapphire Half-Ball Lens 3.18mm Diameter -- NT48-430
Sapphire Half-Ball Lens 4.0mm Diameter -- NT49-555
Sapphire Half-Ball Lens 4.76mm Diameter -- NT48-431
Sapphire Half-Ball Lens 5.0mm Diameter -- NT48-432
Sapphire Half-Ball Lens 6.0mm Diameter -- NT49-556
Sapphire Half-Ball Lens 6.35mm Diameter -- NT48-433
Excellent for Severe Environments High Chemical Stability Sapphire and Ruby half-ball (hemispherical) lenses feature a very short back focal length with the convenience of a flat surface for easy mounting.
Ruby Ball Lens 0.3mm Diameter -- NT46-223
Ruby Ball Lens 0.4mm Diameter -- NT46-224
Ruby Ball Lens 0.5mm Diameter -- NT46-225
Ruby Ball Lens 0.79mm Diameter -- NT46-226
Ruby Ball Lens 1.0mm Diameter -- NT43-639
Ruby Ball Lens 1.58mm Diameter -- NT46-227
Ruby Ball Lens 1.5mm Diameter -- NT43-641
Ruby Ball Lens 2.0mm Diameter -- NT43-643
Ruby Ball Lens 2.38mm Diameter -- NT46-228
Ruby Ball Lens 2.5mmDiameter -- NT43-820
Ruby Ball Lens 2.78mm Diameter -- NT43-822
Ruby Ball Lens 3.0mm Diameter -- NT43-645
Ruby Ball Lens 3.18mm Diameter -- NT46-229
Ruby Ball Lens 4.0mm Diameter -- NT43-824
Ruby Ball Lens 4.76mm Diameter -- NT46-230
Ruby Ball Lens 5.0mm Diameter -- NT43-647
Ruby Ball Lens 5.55mm Diameter -- NT43-828
Ruby Ball Lens 6.0mm Diameter -- NT43-830
Ruby Ball Lens 6.35mm Diameter -- NT43-832
Ruby Ball Lens 9.525mm Diameter -- NT63-228
Sapphire Ball Lens 0.30mm Diameter -- NT46-115
Sapphire Ball Lens 0.40mm Diameter -- NT46-116
Sapphire Ball Lens 0.50mm Diameter -- NT46-117
Sapphire Ball Lens 0.79mm Diameter -- NT46-118
Sapphire Ball Lens 1.0mm Diameter -- NT43-638
Sapphire Ball Lens 1.58mm Diameter -- NT46-119
Sapphire Ball Lens 1.5mm Diameter -- NT43-640
Sapphire Ball Lens 2.0mm Diameter -- NT43-642
Sapphire Ball Lens 2.38mm Diameter -- NT46-120
Sapphire Ball Lens 2.5mm Diameter -- NT43-819
Sapphire Ball Lens 2.78mm Diameter -- NT43-821
Sapphire Ball Lens 3.0mm Diameter -- NT43-644
Sapphire Ball Lens 3.18mm Diameter -- NT46-121
Sapphire Ball Lens 4.0mm Diameter -- NT43-823
Sapphire Ball Lens 4.76mm Diameter -- NT46-122
Sapphire Ball Lens 5.0mm Diameter -- NT43-646
Sapphire Ball Lens 5.55mm Diameter -- NT43-827
Sapphire Ball Lens 6.0mm Diameter -- NT43-829
Sapphire Ball Lens 6.35mm Diameter -- NT43-831
Sapphire Ball Lens 9.525mm Diameter -- NT63-227
Excellent for Severe Environments High Strength and Hardness High Chemical Stability Sapphire and Ruby ball lenses are both made from AL203. Ruby or Ruby-Doped sapphire owes...
Fused Silica Ball Lens 0.5mm Diameter -- NT67-379
Fused Silica Ball Lens 1.0mm Diameter -- NT67-380
Fused Silica Ball Lens 1.5mm Diameter -- NT67-381
Fused Silica Ball Lens 2.0mm Diameter -- NT67-382
Fused Silica Ball Lens 2.5mm Diameter -- NT67-383
Fused Silica Ball Lens 3.0mm Diameter -- NT67-384
Fused Silica Ball Lens 4.0mm Diameter -- NT67-385
Fused Silica Ball Lens 5.0mm Diameter -- NT67-386
Fused Silica Ball Lens 6.0mm Diameter -- NT67-387
Fused Silica Ball Lens 8.0mm Diameter -- NT67-388
Fused Silica Half-Ball Lens 0.5mm Diameter -- NT67-390
Fused Silica Half-Ball Lens 1.0mm Diameter -- NT67-391
Fused Silica Half-Ball Lens 1.5mm Diameter -- NT67-392
Fused Silica Half-Ball Lens 2.0mm Diameter -- NT67-393
Fused Silica Half-Ball Lens 2.5mm Diameter -- NT67-394
Fused Silica Half-Ball Lens 3.0mm Diameter -- NT67-395
Fused Silica Half-Ball Lens 4.0mm Diameter -- NT67-396
Fused Silica Half-Ball Lens 5.0mm Diameter -- NT67-397
Excellent UV Transmission Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Ball and Half-Ball Options Available Fused Silica features high transmission from 200nm to 2.2μm with a low coefficient of thermal expansion, making...
N-BK7 Half-Ball Lens 0.5mm Diameter -- NT49-567
N-BK7 Half-Ball Lens 1.0mm Diameter -- NT49-568
N-BK7 Half-Ball Lens 10.0mm Diameter -- NT45-937
N-BK7 Half-Ball Lens 2.0mm Diameter -- NT45-933
N-BK7 Half-Ball Lens 3.0mm Diameter -- NT47-269
N-BK7 Half-Ball Lens 4.0mm Diameter -- NT45-934
N-BK7 Half-Ball Lens 5.0mm Diameter -- NT47-270
N-BK7 Half-Ball Lens 6.0mm Diameter -- NT45-935
N-BK7 Half-Ball Lens 8.0mm Diameter -- NT45-936
Fiber Coupling Half-Spheres Collimating Lenses Half-ball (hemispherical) lenses are ideal for applications such as fiber communication, endoscopy, microscopy, optical pick-up devices, and laser measurement systems.
N-LaSF9 Ball Lens 1.5mm Diameter -- NT45-539 High Index for a Closer Focal Distance High Tolerance The use of high index glass results in a decrease of the back focal length. Shorter distances simplify fiber coupling. This...
S-LAH79 Ball Lens 1.0mm Diameter -- NT47-128
S-LAH79 Ball Lens 1.5mm Diameter -- NT90-520
S-LAH79 Ball Lens 10.0mm Diameter -- NT48-897
S-LAH79 Ball Lens 2.0mm Diameter -- NT47-129
S-LAH79 Ball Lens 4.0mm Diameter -- NT48-895
S-LAH79 Ball Lens 5.0mm Diameter -- NT47-130
S-LAH79 Ball Lens 6.0mm Diameter -- NT48-896
S-LAH79 Ball Lens 8.0mm Diameter -- NT47-131
S-LAH79 Half-Ball Lens 10.0mm Diameter -- NT90-861
S-LAH79 Half-Ball Lens 2.0mm Diameter -- NT90-858
S-LAH79 Half-Ball Lens 4.0mm Diameter -- NT90-859
S-LAH79 Half-Ball Lens 8.0mm Diameter -- NT90-860
Index of Refraction of 2.0 High Tolerance These ball lenses have an even higher index of refraction than our LaSFN9 ball lenses, providing a shorter back focal length, which simplifies...
N-BK7 Ball Lens 0.3mm Diameter -- NT45-552
N-BK7 Ball Lens 0.5mm Diameter -- NT45-553
N-BK7 Ball Lens 1.0mm Diameter -- NT43-708
N-BK7 Ball Lens 1.5mm Diameter -- NT43-709
N-BK7 Ball Lens 10.0mm Diameter -- NT32-748
N-BK7 Ball Lens 2.0mm Diameter -- NT32-744
N-BK7 Ball Lens 2.5mm Diameter -- NT43-710
N-BK7 Ball Lens 3.0mm Diameter -- NT43-711
N-BK7 Ball Lens 4.0mm Diameter -- NT32-745
N-BK7 Ball Lens 5.0mm Diameter -- NT43-712
N-BK7 Ball Lens 6.0mm Diameter -- NT32-746
N-BK7 Ball Lens 8.0mm Diameter -- NT32-747
N-SF8 Ball Lens 3.0mm Diameter -- NT43-715
Useful as Fiber Coupling Spheres and Collimating Lenses Standard and High Tolerance Options Available for N-BK7 Substrate Ball lenses are glass spheres commonly used in fiber optic applications. They are...