Edmund Optics Inc. Datasheets for Lens Holders

Lens holders are used to stabilize and maintain the position of all the optical components of a lens assembly.
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Product Name Notes
X-Y Translating Optic Mount, 12.7mm Maximum Optic Diameter -- NT62-955
X-Y Translating Optic Mount, 25.4mm Maximum Optic Diameter -- NT62-956
X-Y Translating Optic Mount, 50.8mm Maximum Optic Diameter -- NT62-957
Allows ±1.5mm Translation in X and Y Accepts Optics up to 15mm Thick 0.25mm Pitch for Fine Alignment of Components For breadboard based optical alignment or any situation where space...
25/30mm Cage 25mm Diameter Lens Mount -- NT85-678
25mm Cage 10mm Diameter Lens Mount -- NT85-551
25mm Cage 12.5mm Diameter Lens Mount -- NT85-549
25mm Cage 12.7mm Diameter Lens Mount -- NT85-547
25mm Cage 12.7mm Diameter Thick Lens Mount -- NT85-548
25mm Cage 12mm Diameter Lens Mount -- NT85-550
25mm Cage 15mm Diameter Lens Mount -- NT85-546
25mm Cage 18mm Diameter Lens Mount -- NT85-545
25mm Cage 20mm Diameter Lens Mount -- NT85-543
25mm Cage 6.5mm Diameter Lens Mount -- NT85-553
25mm Cage 6mm Diameter Lens Mount -- NT85-554
25mm Cage 9mm Diameter Lens Mount -- NT85-552
30mm Cage 25/25.4mm Diameter Lens Mount -- NT85-587
30mm Cage 25/25.4mm Diameter Thick Lens Mount -- NT85-588
Available for a Range of Optical Lens Diameters Adds Additional Adaptability to Cage System Retaining Ring Included TECHSPEC 25mm and 30mm Cage System Optical Lens Mounts, constructed of anodized aluminum,...
X-Y-Z Translating Optic Mount, 12.7mm Maximum Optic Diameter -- NT62-958
X-Y-Z Translating Optic Mount, 25.4mm Maximum Optic Diameter -- NT62-959
X-Y-Z Translating Optic Mount, 50.8mm Maximum Optic Diameter -- NT62-960
Similar to Above Mounts, but with Additional Z-Axis Adjustment One Unit can Adjust Alignment and Spacing One Mount Replaces Three Stages Similar to our X-Y translating mounts but with the...
Optic Mount, 10.0mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-554
Optic Mount, 12.0mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-555
Optic Mount, 12.7mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-556
Optic Mount, 15.0mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-557
Optic Mount, 18.0mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-558
Optic Mount, 20.0mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-559
Optic Mount, 25.0mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-560
Optic Mount, 25.4mm x 10mm T1 Optic Diameter -- NT64-561
Optic Mount, 25.4mm x 13mm T1 Optic Diameter -- NT64-562
Optic Mount, 30.0mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-563
Optic Mount, 38.1mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-565
Optic Mount, 40.0mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-566
Optic Mount, 5.0mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-551
Optic Mount, 50.8mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-569
Optic Mount, 6.0mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-552
Optic Mount, 76.2mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-570
Optic Mount, 9.0mm Optic Diameter -- NT64-553
Simple Mounting Arrangement Metric and English Configurations Black Anodized Aluminum Construction Fixed optical mounts are designed to hold our lenses, filters, mirrors and other optical components. The included retainer ring...