Edmund Optics Inc. Datasheets for Filter Wheels

Filter wheels hold and position multiple filters for various imaging applications such as machine vision and spectrophotometry.
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Product Name Notes
12 Position Filter Wheel Assembly for 0.5" Diameter Filters -- NT58-182
12 Position Filter Wheel for 0.5" Diameter Filters -- NT58-183
6 Position Filter Wheel Assembly for 1" Diameter Filters -- NT56-658
6 Position Filter Wheel for 1" Diameter Filters -- NT56-783
Holds Six or Twelve Filters Accepts 1" / 25mm or 1/2" / 12.5mm Diameters 12 Index Positions for Precise Movement Our filter wheels offer the flexibility of using up to...
Filter Wheel Package with Additive/Subtractive Filters -- NT59-767
Filter Wheel Package with Colored Glass Bandpass Filters -- NT59-606
Filter Wheel Package with NIR Longpass Filters -- NT59-605
Filter Wheel Package with NIR Neutral Density Filters -- NT59-601
Filter Wheel Package with NIR Shortpass Filters -- NT59-603
Filter Wheel Package with UV-VIS Neutral Density Filters -- NT59-600
Filter Wheel Package with Visible Longpass Filters -- NT59-604
Filter Wheel Package with Visible Shortpass Filters -- NT59-602
Six Position Filter Wheel Pre-Loaded with 1" Filters Neutral Density, Shortpass, Longpass, Dichroic and Bandpass Packages Available C-Mount Compatible Packages include our six position filter wheel assembly pre-loaded with some...
RS-232 Motorized Filter Wheel -- NT59-769
USB Motorized Filter Wheel -- NT84-889
USB or RS-232 Interface Bi-Directional Movement C-Mount and T-Mount Adapters Available These Motorized Filter Wheels are ideal for a number of automated applications requiring spectral selection or light intensity control.