Edmund Optics Inc. Datasheets for Measuring Microscopes

Measuring microscopes are used by toolmakers for measuring the properties of tools.  These microscopes are often used for dimensional measurement with lower magnifying powers to allow for brighter, sharper images combined with a wide field of view.
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Product Name Notes
100X Deluxe Illuminated Direct Measuring Microscope -- NT55-679
40X Deluxe Illuminated Direct Measuring Microscope -- NT55-678
40X and 100X Models, Include 10X Eyepiece Inch/Metric Reticle Rack and Pinion Focusing For quick and precise measurements in laboratories, workshops and assembly lines. Features a dual scale reticle graduated...
100X Peak Direct Measuring Microscope -- NT39-113
25X Peak Direct Measuring Microscope -- NT39-110
50X Peak Direct Measuring Microscope -- NT39-111
75X Peak Direct Measuring Microscope -- NT39-112
Depth Measurements (up to 22mm) Removable Clear Acrylic Base Peaks stand microscopes are high-power instruments for precision measurement. An adjustable eyepiece controls the focus of the reticle while a separate...
30X Deluxe Direct Measuring Pocket Microscope, English Scale -- NT38-426
30X Deluxe Direct Measuring Pocket Microscope, Metric Scale -- NT38-427
Inch or Metric Models Extra Wide Field Eyepiece An extra fine instrument for critical inspection and direct measurement with a precision built-in reticle. Our Deluxe Direct Measuring Microscope features a...