Edmund Optics Inc. Datasheets for Rotary Stages

Rotary positioning stages are devices with tables or shafts that may be rotated to any angular position. They may be driven or simple slides.
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Product Name Notes
60mm Motorized Rotary Stage System -- NT68-606 High Resolution with 360° Continuous Rotation Easy to Use Integrated Motor and Controller Controlled Manually or Via RS-232 Serial Interface Our Motorized Rotary Stage System features an easy to use...
125mm, English Rotary Stage -- NT66-518
125mm, Metric Rotary Stage -- NT66-519
30mm, English Rotary Stage -- NT66-512
30mm, Metric Rotary Stage -- NT66-513
40mm, English Rotary Stage -- NT66-514
40mm, Metric Rotary Stage -- NT66-515
70mm, English Rotary Stage -- NT66-516
70mm, Metric Rotary Stage -- NT66-517
Low Profile Design Precision Micrometer Drive Slide-Fit Guide System 360° Coarse Rotation, ±5° Total Fine Rotation Mechanically Compatible to Other TECHSPEC® Stages Locking Screw on All Stages Class 100 (ISO...
125mm, English Micrometer Tilt Stage -- NT66-553
125mm, Metric Micrometer Tilt Stage -- NT66-555
30mm, English Micrometer Tilt Stage -- NT66-541
30mm, Metric Micrometer Tilt Stage -- NT66-543
40mm, English Micrometer Tilt Stage -- NT66-545
40mm, Metric Micrometer Tilt Stage -- NT66-547
70mm, English Micrometer Tilt Stage -- NT66-549
70mm, Metric Micrometer Tilt Stage -- NT66-551
Metric and English Hole Pattern Versions Available Tilt Control in Two Axes (Kinematic Movement) Precision Micrometer Drive Mechanically Compatible to Other TECHSPEC® Stages Black Anodized Aluminum Construction Ideal for tilt...