Edmund Optics Inc. Datasheets for Eyewear

Eyewear includes safety devices, such as safety goggles, worn to protect the eyes.
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Product Name Notes
Laser Safety Eyewear IR I Glass Goggle -- NT56-886
Laser Safety Eyewear IR I Glass Spectacle -- NT84-375
Laser Safety Eyewear IR II Glass Goggle -- NT56-888
Laser Safety Eyewear IR II Rio -- NT84-960
Laser Safety Eyewear Nd:YAG/Holmium Rio -- NT84-961
Laser Safety Eyewear Nd:YAG/Holmium Spectacle -- NT58-406
Engineered to provide the maximum protection at the design wavelengths, these glass filters offer significantly increased visible light transmission over the standard polycarbonate designs. The IR I and IR II...
Narrow Spectrum Alexandrite Full View -- NT55-362
Narrow Spectrum Alexandrite Goggle -- NT58-110
Narrow Spectrum Argon/KTP Full View -- NT64-370
Narrow Spectrum Argon/KTP Goggle -- NT64-369
Narrow Spectrum Argon/KTP Spectacle -- NT57-650
Narrow Spectrum Argon/KTP Wrap Around -- NT57-651
Narrow Spectrum Argon/KTP XC -- NT59-972
Narrow Spectrum Helium Neon/PDT Full View -- NT64-371
Narrow Spectrum Helium Neon/PDT Goggle -- NT58-111
Narrow Spectrum Helium Neon/PDT Spectacle -- NT57-730
Narrow Spectrum Helium Neon/PDT Wrap Around -- NT57-658
Narrow Spectrum KTP/YAG Full View -- NT56-470
Narrow Spectrum KTP/YAG Goggle -- NT84-968
Narrow Spectrum KTP/YAG Spectacle -- NT57-667
Narrow Spectrum KTP/YAG XC -- NT59-971
Narrow Spectrum Nd:YAG/CO2 Full View -- NT56-891
Narrow Spectrum Nd:YAG/CO2 Goggle -- NT58-113
Narrow Spectrum NdGa:YAG Full View -- NT53-751
Narrow Spectrum NdGa:YAG Goggle -- NT58-112
Narrow Spectrum NdGa:YAG Spectacle -- NT57-665
Narrow Spectrum NdGa:YAG XC -- NT59-973
Narrow Spectrum YAG Full View -- NT64-373
Narrow Spectrum YAG Rio -- NT84-959
Narrow Spectrum YAG Spectacle -- NT64-372
Narrow Spectrum YAG Wrap-Around -- NT84-962
Narrow Spectrum YAG XC -- NT59-976
Laser-Gard® narrow spectrum safety eyewear offers protection at laser-specific wavelengths, blocking only narrow bands around laser lines. The Optical Density values in the stated ranges should be used to determine...
Laser Safety Eyewear Argon/NdGa Full View -- NT56-462
Laser Safety Eyewear Argon/NdGa Goggle -- NT58-107
Laser Safety Eyewear Argon/NdGa Spectacle -- NT57-669
Laser Safety Eyewear Argon/NdGa Spectacle -- NT84-958
Laser Safety Eyewear Argon/NdGa:YAG Full View -- NT59-161
Laser Safety Eyewear Argon/NdGa:YAG XC -- NT59-974
The Laser-Gard® broad spectrum eyewear offers protection from multiple wavelengths. Each goggle and spectacle is color coded and clearly stamped with the type of laser beam against which it protects...
Laser Safety Eyewear Diode 1 Full View -- NT53-740
Laser Safety Eyewear Diode 1 Goggle -- NT58-108
Laser Safety Eyewear Diode 1 Spectacle -- NT57-663
Laser Safety Eyewear Diode I Wrap-Around -- NT84-969
Laser Safety Eyewear Diode Telecom Wrap-Around -- NT84-970
Laser Safety Eyewear Diode/Telecom Full View -- NT56-467
Laser Safety Eyewear Diode/Telecom Spectacle -- NT57-666
The Laser-Gard® diode series safety eyewear offers protection in the range of 750-1700nm. All models feature enhanced visible light transmission for increased red beam visibility. The Diode/Telecom series offers broadband...