Edmund Optics Inc. Datasheets for Crossed Roller Slides

Crossed roller slides are simple linear motion devices that consist of a stationary base and a moving carriage. The rollers are crossed at a 90° angle in an alternating fashion and are enclosed in the rails, which have a machined V-shaped groove to support the rollers.
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Product Name Notes
High Accuracy, Rigidity and Load Capacity Easily Configured into X-Y and X-Y-Z Arrangements 30mm, 40mm, 70mm and 125mm Versions Available Locking Screw on All Stages Class 100 (ISO 5) Clean...
High Accuracy, Stiffness and Load Capacity Mechanically Compatible with our TECHSPEC® Stages Class 100 (ISO 5) Cleanroom Compatible Fine Micrometer Movement Locking Screw on Stages Our newly developed precision TECHSPEC®
Pre-Assembled Z-Axis Configuration High Accuracy and Rigidity Compatible with 30mm, 40mm, 70mm and 125mm TECHSPEC® Crossed-Roller Bearing Translation Stages TECHSPEC® Crossed-Roller Bearing Pre-Assembled Z-Axis Translation Stages combine our TECHSPEC® Single...