Edmund Optics Inc. Datasheets for Lasers

Lasers are devices that produce intense beams of monochromatic, coherent radiation. The word "laser" is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
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Product Name Notes
HeNe Laser 0.5mW 110V Linear -- NT61-315
HeNe Laser 0.5mW 110V Random -- NT34-891
HeNe Laser 0.5mW 220V Linear -- NT61-360
HeNe Laser 0.5mW 220V Random -- NT61-382
HeNe Laser 0.8mW 110V Linear -- NT61-338
HeNe Laser 0.8mW 110V Random -- NT61-337
HeNe Laser 0.8mW 220V Linear -- NT61-374
HeNe Laser 0.8mW 220V Random -- NT61-373
Helium-Neon lasers combine hard-sealed internal mirrors, small physical size, and low noise, resulting in higher laser reliability, greater design flexibility, and enhanced performance. Rectangular (Rect.) models have self-contained power supplies.
Laser Line 650nm Diode Alignment Full View -- NT58-438 Laser-Line™ eyewear is designed to provide protection from continual exposure to diffused beam reflections while still allowing the user to see the beam at contact. They are recommended for use...
Premier Laser Diode Detector Mount -- NT58-761
Premier Laser Diode Detector, High Frequency -- NT58-765
Premier Laser Diode Detector, High Gain -- NT58-764
Premier Laser Diode Detector, Standard -- NT58-760
Designed for Use with the Premier Laser Diodes Wide Acceptance Angle Ideal for Particle Detection and Densitometry Designed for use with the Premier Laser Diodes, these detectors have a wide...
640nm StingRay Laser Diode Module -- NT86-849 External Focus with up to 50mW Output Power Auto Scaling Input Power 5 - 24V DC with Reverse Polarity Protection Built-In Microcontroller for Fault Monitor Coherent® High Performance StingRay™ Laser...
635nm, 3mW Laser Diode Module, 120° Line -- NT68-708 Integrated Systems with Drive Electronics and Optical Element Adjustable Focus or Line Generator Versions Available Regulated Output Power Standard 3 Pin Design These Focusable Laser Diode Modules are available with...
HE Laser Diode Module, 405nm, 40mW -- NT64-822 IP67 Environmentally Sealed with Simple Thread Mount Focusable Output Beam Up to 80mW of Output Power Up to 1MHz Modulation Frequency These Harsh Environment (HE) laser diode modules are available...
Harsh Environment Green Diode 1mW, 30 Deg Gaussian Line -- NT63-874
Harsh Environment Green Diode 4mW, 20 Deg Uniform Line -- NT63-879
IP67 Environmentally Sealed with Simple Thread Mount Up to 40mW Output Power Electrically Isolated Housing Focusable with Gaussian and Uniform Line Options 5-30V DC Operation with Reverse Polarity Protection The...
Mini Structured Light Laser Diode 35mW 785nm -- NT59-467 Lightweight, Compact Design Focusable Multiple Projection Heads Available The Mini Structured Laser Light Diode Modules represent the smallest available package for a diode laser producing uniform intensity lines. They are...
0.9mW Fixed Focus Green Laser Diode Module -- NT84-926
15.0mW Fixed Focus Green Laser Diode Module -- NT84-930
Modulatable up to 10kHz Compact Size with Integrated Single Unit Design High Brightness with up to 15mW of Output Power These diode-pumped solid state Fixed Focus Green Laser Modules are...
Fiber-Coupled Laser 1064nm 0 - 450mW -- NT62-698
Fiber-Coupled Laser 1550nm 0 - 250mW -- NT55-375
Fiber-Coupled Laser 635nm 0 - 100mW -- NT55-879
Fiber-Coupled Laser 650nm 0 - 150mW -- NT55-369
Fiber-Coupled Laser 670nm 0 - 300mW -- NT55-370
Fiber-Coupled Laser 690nm 0 - 300mW -- NT83-085
Fiber-Coupled Laser 785nm 0 - 450mW -- NT55-371
Fiber-Coupled Laser 808nm 0 - 450mW -- NT55-372
Fiber-Coupled Laser 915nm 0 - 450mW -- NT83-089
Fiber-Coupled Laser 940nm 0 - 450mW -- NT83-090
Fiber-Coupled Laser 975nm 0 - 450mW -- NT55-373
Power Delivery By High Brightness Fiber Visible and Infrared Wavelengths Stand-Alone System Compact, TEC with Forced Air Cooling These systems provide up to 450mW of continuous power and combine a...
Coherent® High Performance OBIS® Laser Systems - OBIS 375nm LX 16mW Laser -- 87-453 Same Compact Design for All Wavelength Options Integrated Control Electronics with Analog and Digital Modulation Circular Beam with Superior Beam Quality Coherent® High Performance OBIS® Laser Systems are compact, plug-and-play...
VHK Circular Beam Visible Laser Diode 0.95mW 670nm -- NT54-019 Small Circular Beams Diffraction-Limited Performance Wavelengths of 635 and 670nm Output Power from 0.95 to 4.9mW A new selection of compact, high-efficiency diode laser modules with clean, circular beams for...
635nm 4.5mW CW Elliptical Beam Laser Diode Module -- NT83-824 Stabilized Optical Output Power Interchangeable Projection Heads Available in Circular or Elliptical Beam with Modulation Option These Focusable Laser Diode Modules are available with output powers ranging from 0.9 -...
Premier Laser Diode 1mW 635nm Circular -- NT57-105
Premier Laser Diode 5mW 655nm Circular -- NT57-108
Premier Laser Diode 5mW 655nm Elliptical -- NT57-112
Stable Output True On/Off Pulsed Control Linear Amplitude or Time Modulation Low Power Consumption EMC/ESD Shielded Focusable This new design uses advanced circuits and components to eliminate unwanted variations in...
Argon-Ion Laser: 514nm 50mW, CE Certified -- NT58-474
Argon-Ion Laser: Multi-Line 150mW, 4 Lines Selectable, CE Certified -- NT58-453
Argon-Ion Laser: Multi-Line 150mW, 6 Lines Combined, CE Certified -- NT58-475
Ultra-Compact Single Unit with Internal Power Supply Lower Cost per mW of Power Single and Multi-Line Models with Dual Channel Air-Cooled Design Rear Mounted Power Output Control Knob This line...
Laboratory Laser Diode 3mW 670nm -- NT39-569 Visible and Near IR Models Focusable from 20mm to Infinity Designed as a compact diode for laboratory and industrial applications, this laser uses sophisticated electronics to promote long life and...