Edmund Optics Inc. Datasheets for Digital and Video Microscopes

Digital and video microscopes are instruments that use digital technology to magnify images of objects. They include built-in cameras and a series of high-powered lenses that provide superior image quality and resolution.
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Product Name Notes
10X - 200X USB Digital Microscope -- NT86-165
10X - 200X USB Digital Microscope with 405nm LEDs -- NT86-167
10X - 200X USB Digital Microscope with 850nm LEDs -- NT86-169
10X - 200X USB Digital Microscope with Polarizer -- NT86-168
10X - 200X USB Digital Microscope, High Resolution -- NT86-718
500X Fixed USB Digital Microscope -- NT86-166
10 200X and 500X Magnifications Available Polarizer, UV, VIS, and IR Models Measurement and Comparison Software Included USB Digital Microscopes provide a broad range of functionality, flexibility, and portability, while...
InfiniProbe S-25 Right Angle Video Microscope (0-2.5X) -- NT58-810
InfiniProbe S-25 Video Microscope (0-2.5X) -- NT58-806
InfiniProbe S-32 Right Angle Video Microscope (0-3.2X) -- NT58-811
InfiniProbe S-32 Video Microscope (0-3.2X) -- NT58-807
InfiniProbe S-80 Right Angle Video Microscope (0-8.0X) -- NT58-813
InfiniProbe S-80 Video Microscope (0-8.0X) -- NT58-809
Available in Standard and Right Angle Versions Magnification From 2.5X to 8.0X Max. Sensor Format 2/3" Magnification From 2.5X to 8.0X Direct Video C-Mount Coupling The InfiniProbe™ Video Microscope series...
Infiniprobe N-32 UV Right Angle Video Microscope -- NT62-854
Infiniprobe N-80 UV Right Angle Video Microscope -- NT59-121
Infiniprobe S-32 UV Video Microscope -- NT62-853
Infiniprobe S-80 UV Video Microscope -- NT58-946
Available in Standard and Right Angle Versions Magnification Range from 0X to 8.0X Max. 2/3" Sensor Format Direct Video C-Mount Coupling No Adapters Required The InfiniProbe™ is available in a...
Mitutoyo Video Microscope Unit (VMU) -- NT86-799 Designed for M26 x 0.706mm Infinity-Corrected Objectives 2/3" Maximum Sensor Size In-Line illumination Port The Mitutoyo Video Microscope Unit (VMU) is used to connect infinity-corrected objectives to a C-mount camera...
C-Mount Video Microscope Unit 355-532-1064nm (UV-NIR) -- NT66-618 Simple C-Mount Connection to Infinity Corrected Objectives Compact Design for Simple Integration Into Systems 2/3 Max Sensor Size 14mm In-line Illumination Port M26 x 0.706mm Objective Threading The C-Mount Video...
0.50X Video Microscope Coupler -- NT58-376
0.67X Video Microscope Coupler -- NT58-377
1.00X Video Microscope Coupler -- NT58-378
Video Adaptability for Most Microscopes Offer High Resolution and Precise Focusing Permit Variety of Magnifications Interchangeable"Share Video Cameras and Coupler with Many Different Microscopes High-resolution C-Mount coupler system enables video...