Black Box Datasheets for Power Supplies

Power supplies are electrical devices that deliver electric power to one or several loads. They generate the output power by converting an input signal into an output signal.
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Product Name Notes
A replacement power supply for your iCOMPEL™.
Autosensing Power Supply for Wizard Multimedia Extender (AVU5000 Series)
Hardened AC Power Supply, 100–240 VAC, 47–63 Hz with IEC Connector (for LBHxxA Heavy Duty Edge and Convenient Switch and Media Converter Switch)
Includes a 20-amp circuit breaker. The 12/3 SJT 15-foot (4.5-m) cord meets today's higher load-capacity requirements. Rugged, matte-black steel housing. Features eight, rear-mounted receptacles with 3" center-to-center spacing.
Locking barrel plug for secure connection to the unit.100–240-VAC, 47–63-Hz input. 12-VDC output. 4-kV isolation protects sensitive equipment from surges.
Power supply, 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz input, 5-VDC output, 2.5-A, 12.5-W with US, UK, EU, and AU plug clips.
Provides AC backup power to your High-Density Media Converter System II Chassis. Maximum power load capacity is 300 W. Includes overload protection.
Replacement Power Supply for the ServSwitch Ultra, Mini Chassis
Spare / Redundant Power Supply for devices that require 5VDC and up to 3A of power.
Spare Power Supply 100-240VAC for LBHxxA series switches extreme
Spare Power Supply 100-240VAC for LBHxxA series switches hardened
Spare Power Supply 100-240VAC for LBHxxA series switches
Spare Power Supply for LE2700 Series Hardened Managed Modular Switch Chassis. 88-264VAC input, 12VDC 50W output.
Spare power supply for the LMC5203A or LMC5204A chassis.
Spare Power Supply for USB Ultimate Extenders (IC400A, IC404A, IC406A)
Supplies power to LB610A and LB611A switches. This autosensing 120–240-VAC, 50–60-Hz power-supply module fits into the power slots of our Modular Managed L2 Switches (LB610A–LB611A).
The external AC power supply takes mains power and converts it to 12 VDC 5 A regulated power to supply power for the gang switch chassis, two external power supplies...
The Mini Power Hub can supply 5VDC up to (4) Devices which would normally require (4) separate power bricks and outlets. This not only simplifies the design, but reduces clutter...
Video Extender Power Supply Unit - 4K, HDMI, IR, RS-232, 24 Volt, 1.25 Amp
Wallplate Control Panel Power Supply - 12 Volt, 2 Amp
Wizard Multimedia Extender LP Optional Power Supply
Works with Reversible Bidirectional AutoSwitches or Dual Bus Bidirectional AutoSwitches.