Advantech Datasheets for Barcode Decoders

Barcode decoders are hardware devices that convert the information in barcodes to a digital format.
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Product Name Notes
1D/2D Barcode Reader for UTC-300 Series USB connection to UTC 1D :Up to 500 scans per second 2D: Up to 60 frame rate per second
1D/2D Barcode Reader for UTC-510 Series 1D/2D:752x480 CMOS2D Barcode Decoder Chip 72MHzRed LED 625±10 nm 1D Linear:20% minimum reflective differenceTypical 3 mil (Code 39, PCS 0.9)Up to 24 inches on...
1D/2D Barcode Reader for UTC-515/520/532 Series Image Resolution: 2592 (H) x 1944 (V) USB connection to UTC
1D/2D Barcode Reader for UTC-542 Series 1D/2D: 752x480 CMOS 2D Barcode Decoder Chip 72MHz Red LED 625±10 nm 1D Linear: 20% minimum reflective difference Typical 3 mil (Code 39, PCS...
LEO-W wearable 1D barcode scanner ring is designed to provide a unique solution for inventory picking, where worker productivity, comfort, and safety are vastly improved by having both hands free.
Compact and stylish MSR + Barcode module for AIM-35 industrial tablet MSR+ Barcode reeader module is suitable for retail customer to do inventory and information checking Both MSR & MSR...