Advantech Datasheets for PCI Express Products

PCI Express products (PCIe products) use a computer protocol and interface format which communicates more quickly than peripheral component interconnect (PCI), a standard which PCIe is designed to replace.
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Product Name Notes
PCIe Expansion Card -- UNOP-1000K 120 Pin Connector for UNO-4673A/83/ECU-4784 Series Bus Type: PCIe Expansion The UNOP-1000K is a PCIe type communication card which is compatible with UNO-4673A, UNO-4683 and ECU-4784, can support PCIe expansion...
mPCIe Module to Support iDoor -- APAX-5435 mini PCI express 2.0 Interface: support Advantech iDoor Technology mSATA Interface: supportt SATA GENI/GENII/GENIII Supports Hot Plug
2U PCIe X16 Riser Card -- AIMB-RF20F-02A1E Support miniITX (AIMB-242QG2/WG2; AIMB-275G2/VG)