Techsil Limited Datasheets for Cable and Electrical Tapes

Cable and electrical tapes are a variety of pressure-adhering adhesive tape specifically designed to wrap, shield, mask, mark, or insulate types of electrical cables, wiring harnesses, electric components, or circuit boards. Electric tapes come in many colors and materials, but black, vinyl tape has become the consumer standard.

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Product Name Notes
Techsil® 268 Black PVC Electrical Tape 19mm x 33m -- PKTA00002
Techsil® 268 Blue PVC Electrical Tape 19mm x 33m -- PKTA00011
Techsil® 268 Brown PVC Electrical Tape 19mm x 33m -- PKTA00012
Techsil® 268 Stripe PVC Electrical Tape 19mm x 33m -- PKTA00003
Techsil® 268 is a electrical insulation PVC tape which offers good dielectric strength and high temperature performance. This is a self-extinguishing tape, which is highly flexible and conforms to BS...