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Proximity sensors, all types is a general search form for all proximity sensors and presence detection product areas.
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• One inch class • PinPoint LED • small beam diameter • short response time • qTeach • IP 67
• One inch class • qTeach • IP 67
• One inch class • PinPoint LED • polarization filter to detect shiny objects • small beam diameter • qTeach • IP 67
• One inch class • polarization filter to detect shiny objects • IP 67
Baumer is a development pioneer and one of the leading manufacturers of inductive sensors – the heart and soul of all machines. As individual items or in large quantities -...
Baumer’s innovative photoelectric sensors have been successfully employed for years in numerous industrial fields, where they can securely solve even the trickiest detection and measurement problems. A wide variety of...
Beyond fill level applications, capacitive sensors are regularly employed to recognize object positions and to monitor automated sequences. They also provide the input pulses in many counting tasks.
CFDK 25 (Sn = 4 mm) - Capacitive proximity sensors
Diffuse Contrast Sensor Features • very short response time • White light • IP 67
Highlight: SmartReflect™ – the light barrier without reflector For maximum process reliability ■ Most secure object detection due to the barrier principle ■ Reflector as the weak spot is eliminated...
Inductive sensors are among the most widely used sensor technologies. Early on, Baumer helped pioneer this technology, and, thanks to its innovative concepts, continues to be among the leading manufacturers.
Magnetic cylinder sensors control the position of a cylinder's piston. They are perfectly designed to be easily shifted into standardized T- or C-slot profiles.
Most ultrasonic sensors are based on the principle of measuring the propagation time of sound in the air. Ultrasonic frequencies outside the range of human hearing are emitted by the...
SmartReflect™, the reflective photoelectric revolution from Baumer, allows for the most reliable object detection using the light barrier principle while eliminating the reflector as a weak spot. The SmartReflect™ light...
Sn = 1,6 mm, connector M8
Sn = 1,6 mm, long
Sn = 1,6 mm, short
The new sensors with their plane, groove-free V4A stainless steel housings as well as the mounting accessories are EHEDG-certified, Ecolab-approved, and the materials are FDA-compliant. Along with the range of...
With the first O500 series, Baumer has created a new performance category in optical sensor technology through consistent innovation. Further series of Baumer NextGen sensors with new sensor principles will...

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