Baumer Ltd. Datasheets for Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are measurement devices that infer temperature by sensing some physical characteristic (i.e. resistance, emf or thermal radiation).
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Product Name Notes
CombiTemp Temperature Measuring System -- CombiTemp CombiTemp comprises a series of basic elements which can be combined to various temperature sensors and transmitters. The system includes 4-wire Pt100 cable sensors. Being a building block system CombiTemp...
CombiTemp TFRH
CombiTemp TFRN
FlexTemp 2301
FlexTemp 2311
FlexTemp 2321
FlexTop 2202
FlexTop 2203
FlexTop 2204
FlexTop 2211
FlexTop 2221
FlexTop 2231
Fully user-configurable, they are available with varied process connections in standard or hygienic designs. The sensors, transmitters and displays can be freely configured by the user and have a variety...
Sensor Tube Insertion Sensor -- InsertionSensor The measuring principle in the Pt100 temperature sensor is based on the relationship between resistance and tem pe ra tu re in platinum. The platinum sensor is manufactured in accordance...
Temperature System with Field Housing -- TE1 The TE1 Pt100 temperature measurement system has a stainless steel field housing in excellent finish. The system complies standard industrial process connections as well as hygienic connections with high cleanability...
Temperature Sensors -- TE2 The TE2 Pt100 temperature sensor system has a stainless steel case with a build-in plug. All models can be supplied with an integrated, configurable temperature transmitter with 4...20 mA output.
Hygienic Conical Sensor Without Gasket -- ConicalSensor The wetted parts of the conical sensor are in acid-proof stainless steel. The sensor is available as a cable sensor with high-fl exible, 4-wire silicone cable. The conical sensor is...
In-Line Temperature Probe -- TAR This measurement system enables temperature measurement without dead-zones in tubing. The rounded shape, adapted to the tube diameter, does not create additional flow resistance. Complete in-situ cleaning is possible with...