Tamura Corporation of America Datasheets for Signal Transformers

Signal transformers transfer information from one circuit to another by electromagnetic induction. They are used to increase or decrease the voltage from one side of a power transformer to the other.
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Product Name Notes
• Approved to UL1950 3rd Edition • Approved to UL60950 & EN60950 • Hi-Pot 1500Vrms Pri:Sec
• Encapsulated Isolation Transformer • Suitable for Data Interface • Operating Temp 0°C to 70°C
• Highest Density Package Available • Approved to UL1950 3rd Edition • Approved to UL60950 & EN60950 • Surface Mount • Vacuum Encapsulated • Pri:Sec Hi-Pot=1500Vrms and Higher • Surge...
• Highest Density Package Available • Optimized for Audio Impedance • Frequency Range: 300Hz - 100KHz • HiPot: Most parts meet 1KVrms (Pri:Sec)
• Optimized for High Speed Modem Applications • Frequency Range 300Hz to 4kHz • 1500 Vrms Hi-Pot (Pri:Sec) • Approved to UL1950 3rd Edition • PCMCIA Packages • Approved to...
Transformer packages may vary based on safety requirements, switching frequency, duty cycle, inductance requirements, and temperature rise performance. Tamura Design Staff should be contacted for complete designs on these “Tamura...