Terra Universal, Inc. Datasheets for Cabinets and Casework

Cabinets and casework includes cabinets and casework for various uses and applications. They are made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or composite materials.
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Product Name Notes
Organizers and Dispensers -- 4005/4950 Terra offers various organizer and dispenser products, including pigeonhole organizers, swab dispensers, benchtop caddies and storage cabinets.
Storage Cabinet -- 1306-88 These cabinets feature a rugged aluminum internal frame, easy-clean, dent-resistant polymer shell, and clear doors. Includes two adjustable polymer shelves; order additional shelves separately. Overall dimensions: 41.3"W x 13.9"D x...
Corrosive Storage -- 2820-09A
Corrosive Storage -- 2820-10A
Corrosive Storage -- 2820-11A
Corrosive Storage -- 2820-12A
These four models of cabinet feature steel with a two-part enamel coating which has been tested successfully with widely used acids, caustics, and alkalines, such as hydrochloric acid 37%, sulfuric...
Enclosed Base Work Table -- 5656-10A
Enclosed Base Work Table -- 5656-11A
Enclosed Base Work Table -- 5656-12A
Enclosed Base Work Table -- 5656-13A
Enclosed Base Work Table -- 5656-14A
Enclosed Base Work Table -- 5656-15A
Enclosed Base Work Table -- 5656-16A
Enclosed Base Work Table -- 5656-17A
Enclosed Base Work Table -- 5656-18A
Enclosed Base Work Table -- 5656-19A
Enclosed Base Work Table -- 5656-20A
Enclosed Base Work Table -- 5656-21A
Durable 304 stainless steel cabinets are easy to wipe down Available in sliding or hinged door configurations Sound-deadened top is polished to a satin finish Terra Universal's Closed Base Worktables...
Screen Frame Storage System -- 360x Each rigid, durable cabinet securely holds screen frames of varying sizes, allowing you to store all your screen frames practically and economically 304 Stainless steel racks with adjustable supports keep...
General Purpose Storage Cabinet -- 9010-94A
General Purpose Storage Cabinet -- 9010-95A
General Purpose Storage Cabinet -- 9010-96A
Economical storage cabinets are ideal for many laboratory, cleanroom and stockroom applications HEPA-filter/blower option provides a continuous downstream of particle-free air for contamination control Select acrylic for full visibility and...
Wall Cabinet -- 5656-26A
Wall Cabinet -- 5656-27A
Wall Cabinet -- 5656-28A
Wall Cabinet -- 5656-29A
Wall Cabinet -- 5656-30A
Wall Cabinet -- 5656-31A
Fabricated of 304 stainless steel for durability and cleanliness All doors and panels have safety edges and are free from bacteria-gathering crevices Available in sliding or hinge door configuration These...
304 Stainless Steel Locking Cabinet -- 9600-21
304 Stainless Steel Locking Cabinet -- 9600-22
304 Stainless Steel Locking Cabinet -- 9600-37
304 Stainless Steel Locking Cabinet -- 9600-38
Fully enclosed, locking cabinets are ideal for wafer lot boxes and other particle-sensitive materials Adjustable shelves accommodate any size wafer box Electropolished 304 stainless steel construction ensures clean, durable surfaces...
Acid Storage Cabinet -- 2820-31
Acid Storage Cabinet -- 2820-32
One-piece molded polyethylene body provides the maximum protection against chemicals and leaks Undercounter and countertop models available Both models include easy-clean slide-out spill trays Accepts padlock for added security These...
Thermocouple Stocker -- 1684-56
Tool Stocker -- 1684-78
Polypropylene outer shell and shelving offer cleanliness and excellent resistance to process chemistries used throughout the wafer fab 304 Stainless steel reinforcement provides the strength necessary for process tools, quartzware,...
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-24A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-25A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-26A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-27A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-28A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-29A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-30A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-31A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-40A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-41A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-42A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-43A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-44A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-45A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-46A
Curing/Drying Cabinet -- 6082-47A
Provides continuous wash of filtered air (HEPA or ULPA) for clean, controlled adhesive curing, PC board drying, and parts storage Exhaust purification system removes odors and chemical vapors from air-stream...
Chemical Storage Cabinet -- 6012-70
Chemical Storage Cabinet -- 9600-23
The ideal safety cabinets for storing chemicals Fabricated of electropolished 304 stainless steel to meet cleanroom requirements Complies with OSHA and NFPA fire safety regulations Double wall construction provides 1.5"...
Wafer Box Security Cabinet -- 6012-67
Wafer Box Security Cabinet -- 6012-68
Wafer Box Security Cabinet -- 6012-69
Wafer Box Security Cabinet -- 6012-71
The perfect cabinets for secure work-in-process (WIP) storage inside a cleanroom Electropolished 304 stainless steel construction ensures clean, durable surfaces that wipe down easily Wire cage accommodates cleanroom laminar air-flow...
Injector Stoker -- 1684-94 The perfect cabinets for wafer processing supplies, including quartzware, wafer cassettes, injectors, thermocouple rods, push rods, probe cards, and other tools Steel-reinforced polypropylene cabinets resist acids and other process chemicals...
Quartzware Stocker -- 1684 Versatile storage systems optimize the purity, safety and productivity of front-end wafer fabrication Support platens securely support delicate quartz tubes of varying diameters to minimize costly damage Ergonomic, space-saving designs...