Terra Universal, Inc. Datasheets for Totes and Bins

Totes and bins are containers used for the storage and handling of parts and materials
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Product Name Notes
Terra offers various organizer and dispenser products, including pigeonhole organizers, swab dispensers, benchtop caddies and storage cabinets.
Available in two designs and materials Three-chamber model organizes varying glove sizes and types All models feature swing-open lids for easy loading Static-Dissipative PVC models prevent dust buildups
Contoured tight-fitting lid ensures safe, clean disposal of cleanroom waste Select electropolished stainless steel for optimal cleanliness Easy-open foot-pedal design and self-closing lid keep operator's hands free Gasketed seal eliminates...
Designed for single-sheet dispensing of wipers Angled design facilitates easy wiper removal, even by gloved hand Available in two sizes and materials (other sizes available)
Ideal for dust-free, spill-safe storage and easy dispensing of small lab items—vials, pipet tips, swabs, etc. Hinged lid allows simple one-hand dispensing See-through front panels, removable top ensure easy monitoring...
Injection molded for consistent wall thickness Select Benstat® Blue ESDor Bentron™ Black conductive material These bins are designed to stack or hang on a storage rack. Models with dividers include...
Large capacity holds several booties of any common size Side slots allow easy bootie removal Static-Dissipative PVC models control static charges, eliminate particle attraction
Nesting design features tapered sides Smooth sides allow easy cleaning Available in conductive and static-dissipative high-density polyethylene
Select durable Benstat® or Bentron™ static-protective materials Injection-molded construction ensures uniform wall thickness and optimal strength Customize your totes with dividers, snap-on lids and ticket holders Available in either Benstat®