Terra Universal, Inc. Datasheets for Safety Storage Cabinets

Safety Storage Cabinets are cabinets or casework for safety applications such as flammable and corrosive securement and storage.
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Product Name Notes
Corrosive Storage -- 2820-09A
Corrosive Storage -- 2820-10A
Corrosive Storage -- 2820-11A
Corrosive Storage -- 2820-12A
These four models of cabinet feature steel with a two-part enamel coating which has been tested successfully with widely used acids, caustics, and alkalines, such as hydrochloric acid 37%, sulfuric...
Acid Storage Cabinet -- 2820-31
Acid Storage Cabinet -- 2820-32
One-piece molded polyethylene body provides the maximum protection against chemicals and leaks Undercounter and countertop models available Both models include easy-clean slide-out spill trays Accepts padlock for added security These...
Chemical Storage Cabinet -- 6012-70
Chemical Storage Cabinet -- 9600-23
The ideal safety cabinets for storing chemicals Fabricated of electropolished 304 stainless steel to meet cleanroom requirements Complies with OSHA and NFPA fire safety regulations Double wall construction provides 1.5"...