Terra Universal, Inc. Datasheets for Hot Plates

Hot plates are used for heating samples and are used as an alternative to a Bunsen burner when an open flame would be dangerous.
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Product Name Notes
Super-Nuova™ Digital Hot Plate -- 4100-06
Super-Nuova™ Hot Plate/Stirrer -- 4100-07
Super-Nuova™ Hot Plate/Stirrer -- 4100-07-220
These premium aluminum-top hot plates provide precise digital control of top plate and solution temperatures in 1° increments. Four user-presets let you call up often-repeated procedures. A magnetic stir bar...
Large-Capacity Hot Plate -- 4000-79
Large-Capacity Hot Plate -- 4000-82
Large-Capacity Hot Plate -- 4000-83
Large-Capacity Hot Plate -- 4000-85
Aluminum top plate outperforms other materials and provides large heating surfaces—144 or 288 square inches (0.09 m2 or 0.2 m2)—and excellent heat transfer, temperature uniformity and stability...
General Purpose Hot Plate -- 4000-70
General Purpose Hot Plate -- 4000-72
Built-in controls Stainless steel case is strong, noncontaminating, and resists corrosion Standard models feature aluminum top plate to maintain uniform temperaure and low temperature control (38°C) Top plates offer 39...
Aluminum Top Mini Hot Plate -- 4000-77
Aluminum Top Mini Hot Plate -- 4000-78
Compact unit occupies just 13.5 square inches (0.009 m2) of bench top surfac Machined cast-aluminum top provides excellent heat transfer, 9.5 square inches (0.006 m2) of...
Remote Control Hot Plate -- 4000-99
Remote Control Hot Plate -- 4001-01
Remote Control Hot Plate -- 4001-02
Designed for remote control operation in fume hoods or other corrosive environments Ideal for wet processing stations Porcelain-coated stainless steel top plate combines chemical resistance and physical strength Feature large...
Nuova™ Hot Plate -- 4000-97
Nuova™ Hot Plate -- 4000-98
Nuova™ Hot Plate/Stirrer -- 4001-08
Nuova™ Hot Plate/Stirrer -- 4001-09
Low profile design is only 3.5" (89 mm) high Porcelain-coated stainless steel top provides excellent corrosion resistance plus thermal shock protection Features 49 square inches (0.032 m2)of heating...
Explosion-Proof Hot Plate -- 4000-92 UL-listed explosion-proof for Class 1 locations, Group D atmospheres (contact Terra for a complete list of these locations/atmospheres) Provides 36.5 square inches (0.02 m2)of heating surface Offers a...