Terra Universal, Inc. Datasheets for Fume Hoods

Laboratory fume hoods are partially enclosed workspaces that are exhausted to the outside.
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Product Name Notes
Ductless Exhaust Fume Hood -- 2900-20 This high-capacity, turnkey fume hood features dual blowers to ensure a safe exhaust flow speed >/= 100 fpm (.51 m/s). Polypropylene construction resists chemical vapors, and an onboard air speed...
Ductless Exhaust Purification Hood -- 2400-16
Ductless Exhaust Purification Hood -- 2400-17
Ductless Exhaust Purification Hood -- 2400-18
Ductless Exhaust Purification Hood -- 2400-19
Exhaust Fume Hood -- 2400-03
Exhaust Fume Hood -- 2400-04
Exhaust Fume Hood -- 2400-05
Exhaust Fume Hood -- 2400-06
Exhaust Fume Hood -- 2400-08
Exhaust Fume Hood -- 2400-09
Exhaust Fume Hood -- 2400-10
Exhaust Fume Hood -- 2400-11
Exhaust Fume Station -- 2400-12
Exhaust Fume Station -- 2400-13
Exhaust Fume Station -- 2400-14
Exhaust Fume Station -- 2400-15
304 Stainless Steel or CR Steel Hood safely vents noxious or hazardous fumes away from the work surface Optional Exhaust Purification System (with explosion-proof ventilator) safely removes hazardous fumes for...
Narrow Profile Vertical Flow Hood -- 1690-95 Dual 2' x 4' (610 mm x 1219 mm) HEPA Filter/Fan Units provide laminar flow of clean air to the work surface (order FFUs and work bench separately) Epoxy-finished CR...
Wall Mounted Hoods -- 9000-00
Wall Mounted Hoods -- 9000-01
Mounts on wall above work bench to provide effective, convenient exhaust venting 20-gauge stainless steel construction protects against corrosive fumes Filter/blower modules allow ventilation with or without exit HEPA filter...