Terra Universal, Inc. Datasheets for Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are contamination-free environments where high-tech manufacturing and assembly take place.
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Product Name Notes
BioSafe™ Tempered Glass Cleanroom The Perfect Modular Cleanroom for Aseptic Bio/Pharmaceutical Processing Terra’s BioSafe Tempered Glass Cleanroom is made of ultra-clean glass and stainless steel. These materials stand up to rigorous cleaning and aseptic...
EZ-UP Cleanroom™ Modular Suspended Frame Enclosure Terra’s Suspended Frame EZ-UP Cleanroom creates a large-scale, low-cost ISO cleanroom in hours, not days or weeks! This system employs unique zippered vinyl panel system to meet most space and...
Plastic Hardwall Cleanroom -- 6600-00
Plastic Hardwall Cleanroom -- 6600-01
Plastic Hardwall Cleanroom -- 6600-02
Plastic Hardwall Cleanroom -- 6600-03
Plastic Hardwall Cleanroom -- 6600-05
Plastic Hardwall Cleanroom -- 6600-06
Plastic Hardwall Cleanroom -- 6600-07
Plastic Hardwall Cleanroom -- 6600-08
Terra's Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms provide the rigidity and durability of a freestanding room. All components are factory-assembled and tested before shipping, and on-site installation is usually completed in less than...
Softwall Cleanroom -- 6600-60 Terra's Softwall Modular Cleanrooms provide an economical, versatile solution to clean manufacturing requirements in semiconductor, medical device, and many other industries. Portable, expandable, and easy to assemble/disassemble, these cleanrooms are...
BioSafe™ All-Steel Cleanroom -- 6600-30
BioSafe™ All-Steel Cleanroom -- 6600-31
These double-wall modular steel cleanrooms are ideal for bio/pharmaceutical applications that require an easy-clean, aseptic environment. Completely free-standing, they require no external supports and can be specified and installed in...
EZ-UP Cleanroom™ Modular Enclosure EZ-UP Cleanrooms™ offer the most competitive pricing available without compromising on performance! Terra’s unique EZ-UP Cleanroom provides a low-cost alternative to conventional modular cleanrooms for situations that require fast, easy...
Pharmacy Compounding Clean Room -- 2900-53A
Pharmacy Compounding Clean Room -- 2900-55A
Pharmacy Compounding Cleanroom -- 2900-52A
Complete turnkey clean room meets Class 100 (ISO 5) cleanliness standards for control of submicron particles, ensuring a clean compounding environment Internal sliding curtain creates a separate gowning ante-room, in...
BioSafe™ Containment Room -- 6600-75
BioSafe™ Containment Room -- 6600-76
Recirculation module creates a HEPA-filtered clean zone Rear-mounted air vents draw air and powders away from operator and work area Rear manifold recirculates air through inlet HEPA filters to ensure...