Terra Universal, Inc. Datasheets for Optical Mirrors

Optical mirrors have a smooth, highly-polished, plane or curved surface for reflecting light. Usually, the reflecting surface is a thin coating of silver, or aluminum on glass.
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Product Name Notes
Dual-sided Cleanroom Mirror -- 5252-65A Dual-Sided Cleanroom Mirrors Reinforce gowning protocol on both sides of the glass! Terra’s Dual-Sided Cleanroom Mirrors relieve congestion in the gowning area by creating a natural division of space, allowing...
Wall Mount Mirrors -- 5252-52A
Wall Mount Mirrors -- 5252-53
Wall Mount Mirrors -- 5252-54
Wall Mount Mirrors -- 5252-58A
Wall Mount Mirrors -- 5252-60A
Wall-Mount Mirrors Fabricated of industrial-grade plate glass, these models are mounted in a low-profile, heavy-gauge steel frame to ensure sturdy support. Frameless design: Ideal for aseptic facilities! Terra's frameless mirrors...