Black Box Datasheets for Wire, Cable, and Connector Tools

Wire, cable and connector tools are used to assemble and install wires, cables and connectors.
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Product Name Notes
CAT6A RJ45 Crimp Tool - Shielded -- FT048A Crimp a shielded plug to a CAT6A shielded cable. Terminate large 23AWG cable with diameters up to 7.5 mm.
Multi-Strip Cable Stripping Tool -- FT231A Features a tension loop and adjustment screw to control blade penetration. Slits and strips twisted-pair and flat satin cable.
EZ-RJ45 Crimp Tool -- FT1100A Features precision cast crimping dies, and a built-in wire cutter and stripper for silver satin. Constructed of an all-steel frame with rust-resistant black oxide finish.
V.35 & M/50 Crimp Tool -- FT012 For custom pinning V.35 and M/50 connectors.
EZ-RJPRO High-Density Crimp Tool -- FT1200A Get a uniform crimp each time with the ratcheted, straight-action motion. Features precision cast crimping dies, and a built-in wire cutter and stripper for silver satin cable. Constructed of an...
Cable Cutter for BTP-6 Coax and Data Cable -- FT981A Get professional results with minimal effort.
Minum 6 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper -- FT984A Heavy duty, self-adjusting wire stripping and cutting tool.
Cable Cutter -- FT980A Precision blade will not deform cable.
Thicknet Coax Crimp Tool -- FT152 Replacement dies for the Universal RJ Crimp Tool
Minum 2.5 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper -- FT983A Strip and cut wire from 30 to 13 AWG.
2-Level Coax Easy-Strip Tool -- FT8200
3-Level Coax Easy-Strip Tool -- FT8300
Strip coax cable quickly.
Universal Stripping Tool CATV RG6/RG59 2-Level Cartridge Black -- FT2503 Strip RG-6 and RG-59 cable.
CATx Cable Jacket Stripper -- FT400A Strip twisted-pair cable perfectly with one turn. Designed so it won't knick the cable conductors. No adjustments are necessary. Built tough high-impact plastic. Long-life blade. Super easy to use.
Universal Stripping Tool Spare UTP Strip Cartridge Blue -- FT2505 Strip UTP cable.
All-in-One Stripping Tool -- FT5000A The coax (video) replaceable cassette blades are pre-set so no adjustments are necessary. The tool is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of twisted-pair and audio cables, including round telephone...
Universal RJ Crimp Tool -- FT046A The versatile tool for RJ crimping.
D-Style Crimp Tool -- FT073 This tool ensures accurate D-style crimping.
Universal Stripping Tool with UTP Cartridge -- FT2500A Use one stripping tool for multiple types of cable.
CAT6A RJ-45 Unshielded Crimp Tool -- FT049A Use to terminate CAT6A UTP cables with diameters of 8.3 mm or up to 8.8 mm. Use with Black Box's CAT6A Modular Plugs.
Offset Tray Cutter -- RM744 Used to cut BasketPAC Cable Tray sections and splice bars during installation This side-action bolt cutter is a must-have for your BasketPAC installers Offer a comfortable grip with its coated...
Hand Stripper -- FT230A Wire stripper for individual conductors. Capable of stripping wires ranging from 8AWG solid to 22AWG stranded. Guaranteed for life.