OMEGA Engineering, Inc. Datasheets for Rubber Tubing

Rubber tubing is used in flow lines for fluids and gases in a variety of hydraulic, pneumatic, process, medical, and specialty applications.
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Product Name Notes
FKM Flexible Tubing -- TYVT6
FKM Flexible Tubing -- TYVT7
FKM tubing offers superb chemical resistance to a broad range of materials with the flexibility of rubber. Under static operating conditions, FKM has been tested at up to 260C (500F)...
OMEGAFLEX® Natural Latex Tubing -- TYGR OMEGAFLEX latex tubing features superior flexibility and elasticity, maintaining its shape memory even after repeated stretching. No coagulants or fillers are added to the tubing material, which minimizes migration into...
OMEGAFLEX® FKM Flexible Tubing -- TYVT9 OMEGAFLEX® FKM Flexible Tubing
OMEGAFLEX® Santoprene Rubber Tubing -- TYSP Santoprene thermoplastic rubber tubing is offered with Shore A hardness rating of 55A (TYSP5), 64A (TYSP6), and 73A (TYSP7). The tubing resists fatigue and exposure to ozone and ultraviolet radiation.
OMEGAFLEX® Silicone Tubing -- TYSC SPECIFICATIONS Hardness, Shore A :50 Specific Gravity: 1.14 Tensile Strength, psi :1100 Elongation at Break, %: 375 Brittle Temperature: 73C (-100F) Max. Operating Temperature: 177C (350F)