OMEGA Engineering, Inc. Datasheets for Multiconductor Cables

Multiconductor cables contain two or more conductors. Each conductor consists of a single wire or a combination of wires.
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Product Name Notes
Multipair Thermocouple Extension Cable -- 4X, 8X, 12X,16X, 20X and 24X Series Common extension wire types are made up into standard multipair cables. Each conductor is covered with a polyvinyl jacket, nominal 0.015" (0.38 mm) thick, and the pairs are individually twisted.
Multiconductor Ribbon Cable -- RC10-100
Multiconductor Ribbon Cable -- RC14-100
Multiconductor Ribbon Cable -- RC16-100
Multiconductor Ribbon Cable -- RC26-100
Multiconductor Ribbon Cable -- RC4-100
Multiconductor Ribbon Cable -- RC50-100
OMEGA™s ribbon cables are PVC pre-insulated conductors laminated to a clear PVC film to allow easy termination. The color coding allows quick identification and circuit tracing. The multi-conductor ribbon cable...
Multiconductor Shielded Cable -- TX15-100
Multiconductor Shielded Cable -- TX2-100
Multiconductor Shielded Cable -- TX4-100
Multiconductor Shielded Cable -- TX4-1000
Multiconductor Shielded Cable -- TX4-200
Multiconductor Shielded Cable -- TX4-500
Multiconductor Shielded Cable -- TX8-100
Shielded cable provides the high conductivity and noise immunity required for instrumentation hookups to transducers. It is suitable for low and high level voltage signals and mA pick-up in high...
Extention Wire Chart -- RTD_Extwire This cable is great for manufacturing sensors or for use as extension wire. Available in 2, 3 and 4 wire constructions, two color codes (red/black or red/white), three insulation and...