OMEGA Engineering, Inc. Datasheets for Feedthroughs

Feedthroughs transmit electrical current, fluids, optical signals, or mechanical motion through the walls of a pressurized or vacuum system through a hermetic seal.
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Product Name Notes
These all new multiconductor feedthroughs are designed for use in applications that require several sensors to pass through a wall or bulkhead at one opening or within a small area.
• 2000 psi Pressure Rating • Copper and Thermocouple Wire • 8 Wire Pairs for 8 Thermocouples • PFA Insulated Wire • Nitrile O-Ring and Jam Nut • Each Unit...
• Copper or Thermocouple Wire • 1, 2 and 4 Wire Pairs • PFA Insulated Wire
• Thermocouple Alloy or Copper Pins • Fast Positive Connections • Fully Compatible with OMEGA® "MTC" Series Connectors • 100% Inspected and Tested
• Copper and Thermocouple Wire • 1, 2 and 4-Wire Pairs • PFA Insulated Wire