OMEGA Engineering, Inc. Datasheets for Chemical Pumps

Chemical pumps are designed for applications requiring greater reliability and durability than conventional pumps.
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Product Name Notes
Chemical Metering Pump -- PHP-300/400/500 Series OMEGA's PHP-300 Series of programmable, solenoid-driven diaphragm liquid metering pumps can be operated manually or automatically, utilizing a 4-20 mA input or pulse input. PHP-400 and PHP-500 Series pumps are...
Diaphragm-Type Injection Metering Pump -- FPUD1100 Series
Diaphragm-Type Injection Metering Pump -- FPUDM1100 Series
Diaphragm-Type Injection Metering Pump -- FPUDV1100 Series
Diaphragm-Type Injection Metering Pump -- FPUDVM Series
The FPUD1000 Series are positive displacement metering pumps. The FPUD1000 Series is designed to inject chemicals into piping systems and is capable of injecting against a high system pressure up...
Diaphragm Metering Pump -- PHP-800 The PHP-800 Series of metering pumps are well suited for use in many applications, including; agricultural industries for pumping fertilizers, and in some cases pH lowering chemicals (acid); waste water...