OMEGA Engineering, Inc. Datasheets for Volumetric Gas Flow Switches

Volumetric gas flow switches are devices with a switch output used for measuring the flow or quantity of a moving gas in terms of a unit of volume per unit time, such as cubic feet per minute.
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Product Name Notes
In-Line Flowmeter With Limit Switches -- FL-6300
In-Line Flowmeter With Limit Switches -- FL-6700
OMEGA ® in-line flowmeters offer high accuracy flow rate indication for oil or water and the ability to either control the flowrate or alarm on high or low flowrates. These...
Compact Relay Controller Flow Switch -- FST-200-R / FST-300-R This switch package offers a complete solution for flow or no-flow switching in pipes or ducting ranging up to 16". The compact relay controller provides reliable actuation of valves, pumps...