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Antennas are structures or devices used to collect or radiate electromagnetic waves.
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Product Name Notes
14dBi directional operation boosts your signal to a further distance in a specific direction. Features 100cm CFD-200 low loss cable for flexible deployment. Provides easy installation mounting kits.
24dBi directional operation, ideal for extraordinary long-distance outdoor directional connection. Weather proof design, suitable for all weather conditions.
Remote Control Outdoor HDTV Antenna UHF/VHF 360 Degree Rotation US Version (HG-831), for TV Signal Receiving.
Super Active , Rotating & Powerful Receive Antenna. High quality far rangin reception. UHF/VHF TV and FM radio. Parabolic focusing reception. Built-in high gain booster. Built-in low noise circuit. 360...
Very easy to install, no software required. 8dBi Omni-directional operation boosts your signal to a higher range.