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Wire, cable and connector tools are used to assemble and install wires, cables and connectors.
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Product Name Notes
1 1/4 inches Insertion Tool
3/4 inches Insertion Tool
6" Wire Stripper Prier, 22~10AWG (0.6~2.6mm). Wire gauge: 22, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10
6C and 8C Ratchet Type Crimp Tool for RJ45 Modular Plug. RJ11(6P4C), RJ12(6P6C), RJ45(8P8C) all in one crimpintg tool. For both telephone and network wiring. You can cut, strip, and...
8P8C(RJ45), 6P6C(RJ12), 6P4C(RJ11), 6P2C all in one crimpintg tool. For both telephone and network wiring. You can cut, strip, and crimp with this one tool.
Cable Jacket Stripper RJ11/12/4
Coax Cable Striper
Coaxial Cable Cutter. Not for steel wire. Cuttering 03mm steel wire.
Compression Connector Crimping Tool: RG59, RG6, RG11. Connectortype: BNC,RCA,F
Compression Connector Tool
Crimping Tool for RJ45. This device is used to crimp RJ45 ethernet connectors onto cables.
D-Sub Installation Tool. Ideal for pin insertion and extraction tools. Used for setting or removing typical contact pins from D-sub connectors. Insertion and Removal Tools for Crimp and Poke Type...
For cuts, strips and crimps 2 type of plugs in 1. This medium duty crimp tool can be used for terminating a RJ45 plug with a stranded 4-pair unshielded twisted...
For seating wire into terminal block or cut off wire end after terminated.Instructi ons: The tool's with impact function w/o adjustable impact pressure control. All blades are interchangeable and reversible.
For stripping RG Cable : RG-58/59/62/6/6QS/3C /4C/5C. Manufacturer No: HT-332. Stripping Length: This stripper can strip cable in four lengths 4,6,8 and 12mm/ The stripping length is preset to 6mm.
Impact Punch-Down Tools. Interchangeable blades for use on different terminal blocks. One blade may be used while another is safety stored away in the tool handle. Automatically triggered with a...
Instructions: Squeeze handles and open the lock. Cut the modular cable to the desired length. Make certain that the end are cut squarely, not diagonally. Insert cable between stripper blades.
Keystone Jack Punch Down Stand. Works with Cat.5E, Cat.6, and RJ11/12. Keystone Jacks. Puch down tool not included.
LAN Cable Handy Cutter/Puncher
Punch down tool with adjustable impact pressure control 66 type blade/cutter included. Reversible tip. Twist-lock system. Easy blade exchange.
RG59/6 Ratchet Crimping Tool. RG58 / 59 / 62 / 6 / Belden 8279. 8.1mm (0.319"), 6.5mm (0.256"), 5.41mm (0.213"), 1.72mm (0.068")
Terminals and Specification: Computer pins and socket, D-Sub 26-28 AWG wire. Butt-insulated connectors 22-26 AWG wire. Telephone spade ligs 22-26 AWG wire. Non-insulated connectors 20-22 AWG wire. Non-insulated connectors 14-18...
The tool's with impact function w/o adjustable impact pressure control All blades are interchangeable and reversible. Blade are easy to exchange.