SFCable.com Datasheets for Electronic Cooling Fans

Electronic cooling fans move air to cool electronic devices.
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Product Name Notes
40x40mm Fan Guard Grill
40x40x20mm Fan Ball 3Pin DC12V
50x50mm Fan Guard Grill
60x60mm Fan Guard Grill
80x80mm Fan Guard Grill
90x90mm Fan Guard Grill
Ball bearing fan. Dimension: 120x120x25mm. 4 pin pass through connector. Wire length : 16 inch
Cooling Fan Dual Bearing 3Pin. Dimension: 90x90x25mm. 2600RPM. 3 pin pass through connector.
Fan Ball 3Pin DC12V. Dimension: 40x40x10mm
Fan Ball 3Pin. Dimension:60X60X10mm . DC12V 3 pin connector. Wire length : 7 inch
Mounting Screw for Case Cooling Fan. 4pcs per bag
Reduce heat buildup in your computer case! This Adaptec ACC-9100 Cooling Fan is a PCI slot mounted case fan that expels damaging hot air from inside the case and improves...