SFCable.com Datasheets for Electronic Cooling Fans

Electronic cooling fans move air to cool electronic devices.
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Product Name Notes
40x40mm Fan Guard Grill -- 2801-SF-50 40x40mm Fan Guard Grill
40x40x20mm Fan Ball 3Pin DC12V -- 2803-SF-47 40x40x20mm Fan Ball 3Pin DC12V
50x50mm Fan Guard Grill -- 2801-SF-51 50x50mm Fan Guard Grill
60x60mm Fan Guard Grill -- 2801-SF-52 60x60mm Fan Guard Grill
80x80mm Fan Guard Grill -- 2801-SF-53 80x80mm Fan Guard Grill
90x90mm Fan Guard Grill -- 2801-SF-54 90x90mm Fan Guard Grill
120x120x25mm Cooling Fan Ball Bearing 3Pin/4Pin Combo -- 2801-SF-09 Ball bearing fan. Dimension: 120x120x25mm. 4 pin pass through connector. Wire length : 16 inch
90x90x25mm Cooling Fan Dual Bearing 3Pin -- 2801-SF-07 Cooling Fan Dual Bearing 3Pin. Dimension: 90x90x25mm. 2600RPM. 3 pin pass through connector.
40x40x10mm Fan Ball 3Pin DC12V -- 2803-SF-51 Fan Ball 3Pin DC12V. Dimension: 40x40x10mm
60x60x10mm Fan Ball 3Pin DC12V -- 2803-SF-49 Fan Ball 3Pin. Dimension:60X60X10mm. DC12V 3 pin connector. Wire length : 7 inch
Mounting Screw for Case Cooling Fan (4pcs Pack) -- 2803-SF-60 Mounting Screw for Case Cooling Fan. 4pcs per bag
Adaptec PCI Slot Mounted Cooling Fan -- FAN-ACC-9100 Reduce heat buildup in your computer case! This Adaptec ACC-9100 Cooling Fan is a PCI slot mounted case fan that expels damaging hot air from inside the case and improves...