Essentra Components Datasheets for Plugs, Stoppers, and Inserts

Plugs, stoppers and inserts fit into holes or cavities and are designed for the ends of shafts, tubes, pipes, fittings, connectors, screws, bars, or other shapes.
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Product Name Notes
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- MPN261A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- T10A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- T12A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- T1A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- T2A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- T3A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- T4A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- T5A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- T6A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- T7A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- T8A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- T9A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1000A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1005A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1010A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1015A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1020A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1025A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1030A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1035A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1040A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1045A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1050A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1055A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1060A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1065A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1070A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1075A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1080A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs -- TE1085A
37deg JIC Flared Fitting Plugs are made of red LDPE and used to seal light pressure requirements on 37-degree flared fittings without gaskets. These plugs are designed with a knurled...
Banjo Union Plugs -- BUP105A
Banjo Union Plugs -- BUP110A
Banjo Union Plugs -- BUP205A
Banjo Union Plugs -- BUP210A
Banjo Union Plugs prevent damage to hydraulic systems’ banjo fittings. One style of push fit plug easily inserts and goes completely through the banjo union. The second style has two...
Blanking Plugs -- 10213B
Blanking Plugs -- 10233B
Blanking Plugs -- 10320B
Blanking Plugs -- 10488B
Blanking Plugs -- 10499A
Blanking Plugs -- 10502B
Blanking Plugs -- 10678B
Blanking Plugs -- 10705B
Blanking Plugs -- 10825B
Blanking Plugs -- 10832B
Blanking Plugs -- 10860B
Blanking Plugs -- 10877B
Blanking Plugs -- 10902B
Blanking Plugs -- 10912B
Blanking Plugs -- 11027B
Blanking Plugs -- 11059B
Blanking Plugs -- 11148B
Blanking Plugs -- 11152B
Blanking Plugs -- 11239B
Blanking Plugs -- 11281B
Blanking Plugs -- 11321B
Blanking Plugs -- 12914B
Blanking Plugs -- 15150B
Blanking Plugs -- 15155B
Blanking Plugs -- 15157B
Blanking Plugs -- 15158B
Blanking Plugs -- 15159B
Blanking Plugs -- 15160B
Blanking Plugs -- 15161B
Blanking Plugs -- 15162B
Blanking Plugs -- 15164B
Blanking Plugs -- 15165B
Blanking Plugs -- 15166B
Blanking Plugs -- 15168B
Blanking Plugs -- 15170B
Blanking Plugs -- 15171B
Blanking Plugs -- 15172B
Blanking Plugs -- 15511B
Blanking Plugs -- 40043B
Blanking Plugs -- BPE-LC-D-01BK
Blanking Plugs -- BPE-RJ45-01
Blanking Plugs -- BPE-SC-1-01
Blanking Plugs -- BPE-SC-2-01
Blanking Plugs -- BPE-SC-3-01
Blanking Plugs -- BPE-ST-1-01
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-1
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-10
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-11
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-12
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-13
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-14
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-15
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-16
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-17
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-18
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-19
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-2
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-20
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-21
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-22
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-23
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-24
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-25
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-26
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-27
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-28
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-29
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-3
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-30
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-31
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-32
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-33
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-34
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-5
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-6
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-7
Blanking Plugs -- PGM-8
Blanking plugs act as a closure in panel holes and create a finished appearance. Where environment is a concern, PVC material plugs are resistant to ozone, acids, and sunlight and...
Body Plugs -- 10517B
Body Plugs -- 16230B
Body Plugs -- 16231B
Body Plugs -- 16232B
Body Plugs -- 16233B
Body Plugs -- 16234B
Body Plugs -- 16236B
Body Plugs -- 16237B
Body Plugs -- 16238B
Body Plugs -- BP-16230
Body Plugs -- BP-16231
Body Plugs -- BP-16232
Body Plugs -- BP-16233
Body Plugs -- BP-16234
Body Plugs -- BP-16236
Body Plugs -- BP-16238
Body Plugs -- BP-3
Body Plugs -- BP-4
Body Plugs -- LTP-1
Body Plugs -- LTP-2
Body Plugs -- LTP-3
Body Plugs -- LTP-4
Body Plugs -- LTP-5
Body Plugs -- LTP-6
Body Plugs -- LTP-7
Body Plugs act as a closure in panel holes and sheet metal to provide a finished appearance where temperature may be a concern. The TPR (ThermoPlastic Rubber) material has the...
Butt Weld Plugs -- BW2-1/2A
Butt Weld Plugs -- BW2A
Butt Weld Plugs -- BW3A
Butt Weld Plugs -- BW4A
Butt Weld Plugs provide maximum protection from damage and contaminants for butt weld ends on valves, pumps, and heat exchangers. The special reverse angle of our butt weld plugs match...
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP10A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP11A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP12A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP13A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP14A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP15B
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP16A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP18A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP19A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP23A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP24A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP29A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP31A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP35A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP37A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP40A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP42A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP44A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP46A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP47A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP49A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP4A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP51A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP55A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP56A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP57A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP59A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP5A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP61A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP63A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP65A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP6A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP71A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP7A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP8A
Centre Pull Plugs -- CP9A
Centre Pull Plugs -- MPP10A
Centre Pull Plugs -- MPP20A
Centre Pull Plugs -- MPP30A
Centre Pull Plugs -- MPP40A
Centre Pull Plugs -- MPP4A
Centre Pull Plugs -- MPP55A
Centre Pull Plugs -- MPP60A
Centre Pull Plugs -- MPP70A
Centre Pull Plugs -- MPP80A
Center pull tab plugs have an integral pull tab feature combined with a tapered design to fit multiple diameters while being efficiently applied and removed. The plug is resistant to...
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFT1/2A
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFT1/2B
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFT1/4A
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFT1/4B
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFT3/8A
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFT5/16A
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFT5/16B
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFT7/16A
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFT7/16B
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFTM10A
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFTM10B
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFTM12A
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFTM12B
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFTM16A
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFTM16B
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFTM20A
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFTM6A
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFTM6B
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFTM8A
First Thread Protection Plugs -- SPFTM8B
First Thread Protection Plugs mask the first thread of standard female threads during powder coating, e-coating, anodizing, plating, blasting, or painting. The EPDM or silicone material has excellent chemical resistance...
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs -- FLS005B
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs -- FLS010B
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs -- FLS015B
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs -- FLS020B
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs -- FLS025B
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs -- FLS030B
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs -- FLS035B
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs -- FLS040B
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs -- FLS045B
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs -- FLS050B
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs -- FLS055B
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs -- FLS060B
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs -- FLS065B
Flange Protector Retainer Plugs are an effective solution for securing full face protective discs to the flange surface. Simply insert the plug through the flange protector and directly into the...
Finned Tube Plugs -- MFP10A
Finned Tube Plugs -- MFP20A
Finned Tube Plugs -- MFP30A
Finned Tube Plugs -- MFP40A
Finned Tube Plugs -- MFP50A
Finned Tube Plugs -- MFP60A
Ideal for use in thin-walled copper tube, our Finned Plugs are quick to fit and easy to remove. Finned Plugs prevent ingress of dirt into tubing, and feature a small...
Masking Cones -- SCON250130A
Masking Cones -- SCON250130B
Masking Cones -- SCON316216A
Masking Cones -- SCON316216B
Masking Cones -- SCON335177A
Masking Cones -- SCON335177C
Masking Cones -- SCON394197A
Masking Cones -- SCON394197B
Masking Cones -- SCON400230A
Masking Cones -- SCON400230B
Masking Cones -- SCON551315A
Masking Cones -- SCON551315C
Masking Cones -- SCON689453A
Masking Cones -- SCON689453C
Masking Cones -- SCON767532A
Masking Cones -- SCON819583A
Masking Cones -- SCON819583C
Masking Cones -- SCON866630A
Masking Cones -- SCON866630C
Masking Cone Caps and Plugs have a tapered design so each part is able to plug multiple inner diameters or cap multiple outside diameters. Reduce inventory with this multi-use cap...
Masking Flangeless Plugs -- 10398B
Masking Flangeless Plugs -- 18409B
Masking Flangeless Plugs -- 18410B
Masking Flangeless Plugs -- 18411B
Masking Flangeless Plugs -- 18412B
Masking Flangeless Plugs -- 18414B
Masking Flangeless Plugs -- 18415B
Masking Flangeless Plugs protect threaded or unthreaded holes without masking any of the surrounding areas. The plugs have a tapered ring and hollow core to fit many diameters as well...

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