Essentra Components Datasheets for Washers

Washers are disks of metal or non-metallic material placed beneath a nut, an axle bearing, or a joint, to relieve friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loosening, or distribute pressure.
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Product Name Notes
Cable Gland Washers are suitable to use with Essentra's range of Cable Glands and Locknuts. Made of Neoprene, they are quick-fitting and easy act as a seal.
Flange Protector Washers securely fasten flange protector discs when used with Essentra Flange Protector Pins. The washers are available in either chemically resistant HDPE or galvanized steel with a hard...
Flat washers insulate against moisture and electricity. Resist corrosion, abrasion and most chemicals. They provide full insulation, cushioning and spacing.
Shoulder washer also known as insulation sleeves, are impervious to moisture, dirt and most chemicals. Self lubricating and resistant to corrosino and abrasion.
The anti-loss lip is suitable for pre-assembly. With sealing capabilities. Resistant to corrosion and many chemicals.